Sunday, April 14, 2013

What to do to make God Happy -Sunday 14th April 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Acts 16:14-16

Charity begins at home

A good wife should make her husbands happy at all times
A good husband should make his wife happy at all times

So also our Husband is Jesus.
And he has commanded us to go and Preach to the world
If you don't do what God has commanded you, you DON'T love him

It is very important to do things that will make God Happy.

1.Praise Him.
You CANNOT neglect any of these

When you make Jesus happy, he will in turn make you happy

God is happy when you win souls for Him.
Remember, There is rejoicing in heaven when a soul is won for God

Jesus came to this world just to save our soul.

He has left this world and now it is up to us to complete what Jesus has started

Don't Judge or condemn those that are not yet saved.

Welcome them into God's house and they will change when you show them love.

There is a reward for everything you do.

You will get a reward for everything you do.
If you win souls for God, you will get
1.Divine Wisdom

2.You will shine like a star
Isiah 60:1

3.Our Crown will be decorated with stars

4.You winning soul

5.God will enable you enter His kingdom
2cor 12.9

6. His Grace will be sufficient for you.
2cor 12.9

How to Evangelize
1.Giving out Tracts
2.Writing letters 2cor2,9
3.Our prayers Acts 16:14-16
4. Communication
a. Your call
b.Text messages
It ALL counts

5.Through our Testimony

6.Our LifeStyle
Our lifesyle could be a means of preaching to the world

Start NOW.
Tomorrow might be too late
John 9.4

Listen to the Holy Spirit.
Do as He directs

When The HolySpirit says Go, you Go.
When the He says Speak, you Speak

May you be blessed as you Evangelize to the world in Jesus Name.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Sense of Shame - Friday 12th April 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Balogun

Main Text:- 2samuel 6:16-22

Jesus Left his throne and died for us on the cross of Calvary
He was focused even though the shame was there.
He ignored the shame and pain on the cross of Calvary just so he can fufil his destiny on Earth.
Jesus was focused on the assignment his father sent him

Point 1.
Senses of Shame:
When we prefer dignity above divinity
Dignity in the sense that
" we begin to feel too big and worry about what people will think about us instead of what Jesus thinks of us"

For example, being ashamed of preaching the gospel.

Point 2:
If you prefer dignity above divinity
We can't focus on God
If Jesus was thinking of what people will say on the cross, he would not have died for you and I.

When we are too cautious about what people feel or say about us, it could have a negative impact.
Take for instance, Michal the wife of David despised her husband in her heart and this caused her to never have children
David was dancing before the Lord but Michal felt he was dancing to the maids
2 sam 6:16-22

Think Twice!
How will Jesus feel about me NOT what will people think
Remember Jesus ignored the shame on the cross for you and I.

Deception of Satan.
He has come to kill to steal and to destroy
John 10:10
So don't fall into his nest of making you think of what people will think of you.

When you are in God's presence,
THROW your dignity away

So what are you waiting for.
Why not praise him ?