Sunday, June 16, 2013

Message Title:

The Re-position Head

The head represents you.
The head talks and represents your destiny
Gen 37: 3- 37

Take Joseph as an example, he had a great dream however before his dream came to pass he went through many challenges

Fathers, there is a role you ought to play.
Storms will always be there however, God will reposition you today.
These storms of life could be very discomforting however By the special Grace of God you will make it.

Judges 11.
Another example as seen in the bible, Jephtah was a man that was the son of a prostitue however because he was destined for greatnes, his brothers that threw him out went back out to call him for help.

Remember, every great person has gone through some sort of storm but just hold on and keep your focus on Jesus.
He will make a way.
God will make us the head in Jesus Name

Responsibilities of Fathers
1.Work (bread winner)
2. Home Runner
3.Educator of your Children
4.Love your wife
Gen 3.16

Eph 5.23
Fathers leave a legacy for your children as they will look up to you

Happy Father's Day :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Title - Significance of Holy Communion

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Grace Okorende

Holy Communion is dining with Christ

Remember the story of Pharaoh Vs the Children of Israel
With all the signs given unto Pharaoh to release the children from bondage, he refused.
For example when Moses turned

Rod to snake
Water to blood
Swam of flies
Death of Egyptian
Plaque of locust
Plaque of darkness

He refused to listen to the voice of God.

However, on the night of Passover (the death of the first born), Pharaoh called the children of Israel at midnight and asked them to leave Egypt Ex 12.32
Due to the Passover, the children of Israel received the favor of God through their oppressors the Egyptians.

For the apostles, it was a meal of strength as a result of the loss of their master.

The Passover is a meal to encourage the sorrowful
As you take the meal sorrow will never be your portion

The meal will open the eyes of people that tears have blinded
 Acts 24.17
Tears could make you blind because tears blurs vision.

The last supper was the meal of strength
For God to lift you high, he will give you strength to overcome
Ex 12.12 as you eat the holy communion

However, Before partaking of the Holy Communion, examine yourself
1cor 11.28
If you dwell in sin, don't partake in this communion.
However, if you need the strength overcome your weakness, then cry unto the Lord that this Holy Communion shall grant you the strength to overcome to sin

Remain Blessed :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday 11th June 2013

Title - Sources of Bondage

Main Text:- Gen 1:31, Gen 3.1,  Gen 3.24,

Bible Passages:- Micah 7.6, 

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Grace Okorende

When God Created the world. He made everything good
Genesis 1.31
However Satan came to ruin the good thing God had made.
Gen 3.1

Sources of Bondage


Sin is an agreement with the devil to disobey God.
John 8.44
Our actions can bring bondage into our lives.
Take Reuben as an example, even he was refereed to an "excellence" but his birth right was cursed because he went to bed with his father's mother.
Gen 49:3-4
1 chronicles 5.1


Take Ananias and Sappira as an example.
They were killed because of thier actions
Acts 5:-5


Not paying your tithe is stealing
Sin, no matter how small can ruin a lot
SIN brings bondage!!!!

Sin is matter how small. when you sin, you are opening door to bondage.
For example, a very responsible lady just had a sip of alcohol and that was the door to her bondage.

Another example was of a girl who was devoted to God.
Her mother offended her and she harbored un-forgiveness in her heart.
She was cursed by an impersonating spirit that drained her of her blood.
Those demons caused her to drink washing up liquid as water.
The evil spirit kept on saying she is a fervent child of God however,they still got through to her by her husband (he did evil against his wife) and she carried this ache in her heart.
Pray that God will give you the Grace to guard your heart
Don't be deceived.Prov 19.19

Sources of Bondage

2. Covenant of our Fathers. Jer 35.1-10

The moment you give your life to Jesus, all covenant with power of darkness will be broken
However, if you open your life to sin or anything that is unpleasing to God, the covenant will find its way back into your life.
Parental covenant can put us into bondage.
Guard your heart!!!
Guard your heart!!!
In some families, they have being cursed to be nobody. This can only affect children of God if we open up to  sin

Sources of Bondage

3)Bondage through family member

Bondage can come through you own family but it will not work on you if you are upright.
Judges15:1-2, Judges15:9-13,Micah 7.6

Sources of Bondage!

4)Known & Unknown personal covenant.

You might have even being to a church that you believe was a real church of God but was of the devil.
The devil could show himself like angel of light when indeed he is just a deceiver.
One way or the other, he has lured so many people to taking covenant known and unknown to them.
Also, Every attitude that is not of God brings demons (bondage) in your life.

Solution:Take Authority.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you
Pray that Holy Spirit will replace that area that the demon has left.

In conclusion, run from sin.
It is a reproach. Just a little sin can bring bondage into the lives of both believers and non believers.
Ask Jesus to send his comforter the Holy Spirit to help as none of us can do it on our own.

May you be blessed as you do.

Have a blessed week

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013 - I will Finish Well

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Romans 5:1-5. 

Bible Passages:- Genesis 2: 1-2, Exodus 31:17, John 19:30

From the above scriptures, we can see that God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day.
John 19:30, Jesus said it is finished

Outline for today

1.Importance of Figure 7.

a) There is time for everything

For good 6 days, God labored but on the 7th day he rested
Do not be envious of the achievement of others.our times are different
Ecc 3. 1-7

b)Do not rest while you are meant to work

John 9:4
Jesus said he will do the work of his father while it is day, because night time is coming that he can't work.

c)If you started well, keep up the good work.

Do not be distracted
Distractions are bound to come.
Could be from your wife, husband, children or even friends.

Remember, Everyone's race differs. Even if you have not completed your race or reached your destination, it could be because your race differs from others that have completed thiers.

Do not quit. Don't give up
Quitters will never win.
When the goings are tough, still stay focused.

Take for example, God showed our General Overseer a vision that Reedeemed Christian Church of God will grow bigger.
No one believed, but today, the Lord has made us even bigger than he imagined

d) We need to put an extra effort into our dreams

Even when God has shown you what your future will be, you still need an extra effort on your own
amd Stay focused on God

How to add an effort to your live

ii)sowing seed to the less priviledged Ecc 11:1-6
iii)Evangelism and follow up.
Win souls for christ and be a source of encourage to new believers.
2Tim 4:7
iv) Ask for God's presence

2. Implications of what figure 7 stands for. Luke 9:62

People believe 9 stands for perfection.
However, our concern is what we can see and read from the scriptures
God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day

In every stage of our life, God wants us to know something important
Not everyone that started the race finish well. some will fall on the way side, some will almost reach their destination but still fail.
Our prayer today is that in our journey into the kingdom of God, and our careers, we will finish well in Jesus Name. Amen

Bible characters Samples

Elijah was a man of prayer
1 kings 18.

Elijah entered into a competition with the worshipers of idols as seen in the book of 1 kings
Elijah never followed the multitude. He stood out. Elijah stood alone and was very prayerful
1 kings 18:41

He said he heard the abundance of rain but still he prayed 7 times

The problem with us today is that our spiritual ears are closed.

No matter what you are going through, what can you hear ?

Joshua also stated "as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord"

The problem with us today is that our spiritual ears are closed.
When you are in a battle, no matter how fierce it is, if God is with you, your Victory is guaranteed.
Listen to what God is saying to you.

Prayer for today:

1.Father, perhaps, I started well and performing poorly, please God help me to change and get back on track in Jesus Name.

2.My miracle shall not be aborted.

3.Pray that what will cause you to almost reach your destination but not get there
Seeing the end of the journey but not being able to enjoy it, please God come against this evil in out life.
God help me to fufil my destiny.

Have a blessed Week !

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday 2nd June 2013

Title - Message from God to Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Pastor heard the word of God and had decided to share it with us.

Message from God:
If you are going through a stormy situation, speak the word of the Lord unto the storm.
In the Name of Jesus the peace will come.
He has prayed for us and God will answer our prayers in the Name of Jesus

God also said, we as a church are not grateful enough.
For example, the night of hope came up a success but there was no thanks giving just prayers

The church should come to the Lord with thanksgiving.
(24 hours of thanksgiving)
This will be organised in the church.
When you praise the Lord, He will answer your prayers.
Why not praise Him today ?

Sunday 19th May 2013

Title - A New Life in Christ

Main Text:- Eph 6 

Bible Passages:- Eph 5.22, Eph 5.24

As Christ loved the church,so should we
Husbands should learn to love their wives with good energy. Eph 5:23-25, 28

Learn to share their pains.
Be considerate.
Ask God to help you to be considerate.

Wives need to be submissive to their husbands
Let your life reflect Christ
Eph 5.22, Eph 5.24

Learn to pray for your husband
When there is peace in the home (within husband and wife), children will have peace

So also children should honor their parents as this commandment from God is with a promise.
If you honor your parents, you will live long.
Eph 6:1-3

Parents also do not provoke your children
Eph 6:4