Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday 13th October 2013 (Sunday Service)

Title - "I am becoming a wonder to my generation"

Main Text:- Prov 30:18-19a

Bible Passages:- Psalm 71:7, Psalms 89:20, Judges 15: 14-17

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

The reason why God carries you on His wings, is to teach you how to fly!!!

The same way the mother eagle teaches the eaglet how to fly, so also God wants to transform us from Eaglet to Eagles.

Nothing can attack an eagle however an eaglet can be attacked
The only threat the eaglet has is the serpent.
That is why God is trying to transform you from the eaglet phase to become an Eagle.

However, if the eaglet is trapped in the snake's snare, the Eagle will come to rescue its baby by taking the snake up to a high height, rip its head off and drop it down.
That is how God will treat the devil on your behalf.

Still God wants us to become Eagles. If you become an Eagle, you will become a wonder
Prov 30:18 - 19a 

Joshua is an example of an Eagle.
He told the sun to stand still and the sun obeyed.
It takes an eagle to operate in that dimension.

There is an annoting to being a wonder. You will be totally transformed from one phase to another. No one is born a wonder. However, you can become a wonder.Psalm 71.7
For instance, no one is born a doctor, you are transformed to become a doctor at some stage in your life.

What does it mean to be a wonder?
To become a WHOA!
People begin to say "there is something different about that man".

For example, when David was running away from Saul in the wilderness/cave, lots of worthless men came to him to make him their master.
However, because they associated themselves with David (a wonder), they were later referred to as "Mighty Men"

In order to become a wonder, you need to get the God of wonder into your life.
The presence of the wonder of God can do many good things in your life.

Ingredients that make you a wonder

1.The annointing

When anointing comes upon a man, he becomes a wonder Psalm 89.20
David used a stone to kill Goliath whom the mighty men of war could not face.
Even though it might be a small stone, the anointing of God was on that stone which made it kill Goliath.
In the human eye, the stone is harmless and silly to use against a mighthy warrior.
However, because God was with David, the stone led to Goliath's downfall.

2.The Spirit of God

Examples of people in the Bible that had the spirit of God will be the Apostles
The Spirit of God was upon them that even made a sorcerer (Simon) offer the apostles money for the Spirit of God Acts 18:18-19

Samson was able to kill a thousand men with just the jawbone of an ass.
In human sense, it is impossible but because the Spirit of God came upon Him, he was able to defeat a thousand.


Lord annoint me with your Holy Oil
Let your Spirit be upon me.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday 12th October 2013 (Worker's meeting)

Title - "The Eagle Diet"

Main Text:- Deuteronomy  32:10-12

Bible Passages:- Hosea 4.6, Joshua 1:8, 1 cor 10: 3-4

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

Let us study the relationship between the Eagle and Eaglet:
The reason why the mother Eagle carries the baby eagle on it's wings, is to teach the baby how to fly

So also, God is teaching you how to fly. Even when you feel like He lets go, He hasn't! 
He is there to catch you lest you fall.
He wants to ensure you can soar.

When the Eagle goes out for a meal, he goes out for what he wants NOT what he finds
That means, before it sets out for its meal, it already has his meal planned.

The Eagle stays up in its flight until it finds what it wants to eat.
Then it dives down to take its devour its prey

In order to fly high as a spiritual Eagle, you need to eat the Word (The Word of God)
Hosea 4:6, Joshua 1:8

If you know how to work the Word, it will work for you.
Even Jesus engaged his battle (the temptation) with the Word of God
Matthew 4.4

Take for instance, when you eat Rice, the enzymes in your body will break it down and it becomes energy so also, When you eat spiritual food, your spiritual enzymes will break it down and it becomes Faith.
Remember, without Faith, no man can please God.

If you know the word, and you know how to work it, it will make you a high flier.

If you go somewhere without God's approval, you will pay the fare!!! Joshua 1:3

To abide: means to wait patiently for.., to accept the word without objection, to remain fixed

When you are confident to say,
God said it
I believe it
That settles it.
That means you are abiding in His word

Friday 11th October 2013 (Worker's meeting)

Title - "How I bore you on eagle's wings"

Main Text:- Exodus 32: 10- 12

Bible Passages:- Exodus 19.14

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

"How I bore you on eagle's wings" Ex 19.4
This sentence in the Bible guarantees the height and speed you will fly/operate

The height the eagle flies is higher than any other bird
That means as a worker or minister, your height and speed should differ from others.

The height and speed the eagle operates is beyond human understanding
Ex 19.4 explains God is both the flight, journey and destination

Everything God does is to bring you to Himself

To us, the children of Israel were walking on bear land. However, God actually bear them on Eagle's wings

This means the children of Israel were being carried (on Eagle's Wings)

Carry Me Oh Lord!!!

The wings by which the children of Israel were carried were wings of power.
(not weak wings) Ex 32.11

The Lord is willing to carry us on wings of power.
With the power of God, you begin to operate in a supernatural mode
Super natural was derived from 2 word
Superior - Superior to the natural

Super natural reverses the irreversible.
Every human will believe when they see the super natural

You do not need to be a pastor or minister before you can operate in the super natural realm
Remember!The Lord is willing to carry US on wings of power.
It is not an exclusive right to Title

What is the importance of operating in the Super natural realm
1.Carrying the power of God makes soul winning easy.
2.It helps to sanctify the church

Supernatural means it over rules and overrides the natural

Are you prepared to soar on Eagle's Wings ?

Friday 11th October 2013 (Praise Night)

Title - It's Time to Move

Main Text:- John 5: 1-9

Bible Passages:- Matt 5.13, Matt 25:14-30

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

Why must I move?

When you overstay at any place in time, it defines your situation.
When you overstay in one position for too long, it defines your condition.

The woman with the issue of blood was no longer called by her name but her situation made people call her the "Woman with the issue of blood"

Another man in the bible was also Blind Bartimeus.
His first name was not blind but his situation made people define him as "Blind Bartimeus"

It is time to move

Point 2 (why must I move)

Everything takes a process
Jesus was on earth for 33 years and was taken off. However, His death was not premature
Moses on the other hand was in the world for over 100 years but his death was premature because he was yet to make it to the promised land.

Point 3 (Why must I move)?

Because One man's destiny connects with another.
Your movement can aid another man's destiny.

Assume you work 9am in the morning. The journey to work usually takes 30 minutes
Perhaps on another day you were heading to work, there was an accident on the road, you will be late to work due to another person's mistake.

Why do people fail to move?

1.When a man overstays at a point, something bigger than him is holding him there.
When a man is stuck at one point, there is a force bigger and stronger than him that's holding him down thus stopping him from taking that move.

2. When a man overstays at a point, it is an indication that no man bigger and stronger than him is there to help him

Hence, that is how far his strength can take him. He needs another force.

3.Because something he/she is doing is undoing him/her.
For example harboring bitterness in your heart could hinder your progress.
Also, your iniquity can hinder your progress to your destiny.
Search yourself and search your heart. It is impossible to serve God and do the things of the world.
Sin is a barrier between God and man. God loves man but hates sin.
Search yourself.....