Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013

Title - The Antidote for Sorrow

Main Text:- John 14.6

Bible Passages:- John 3.16

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Many things can bring sorrow into our lives.

As long as we are in this world, sorrow is bound to come.
The devil goes up and down the world causing pain. He sends arrows of sorrow into the lives of people.
However, in the Name of Jesus, whatsoever the plans of the devil is, to bring sorrow to your life, may it never come to pass.

Wrong means to get rid of sorrow


People tend to engage themselves in things that are not good for their health hoping it will get rid of their pains.
Someone depressed may decide to go drinking hoping the intoxication from alcohol will get rid of the pain.
Note: this joy is temporary.
Unfortunately for the victim, alcohol could cause them to engage themselves in harmful things.
Once you are intoxicated, you may engage yourself in things like drug addiction, rape, murder etc


Engaging yourself in infidelity to cure pain will not work.
The pleasure will last for a short moment, but once it is over, the pain is back again.

The only anti dote for sorrow is JESUS Christ.
He is the only source of Joy or antidote to sorrow (and this method is permanent)
John 14.6

Salvation is free.
Come to Jesus. He does not want your money. Just YOU!
Psalm 34.8

Have a blessed week :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013

Title - The perfect Will of God (In marriage) Part II

Main Text:- Gen 2:22-25, 

Bible Passages:- 1Kings 11.1-4 ; 1Kings 11.9-14; Judges 14.1-3; Isiah 43:1-4

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Marriage is very important.

Even God ordained marriage Gen 2.22-25

However, when the devil observes something good, he will do his best to ensure sorrow is introduced

The devil tries his best to ruin this plan by bringing trouble to married homes.

Even Youths and teenagers are now going on the wrong path as seen in the world

The devil has polluted everything to do with marriage

Perversions in Marriage

There are several ways marriages have being perverted (contrary to the word of God)

Perversions in Marriage

1. Zoophilia (having sex with animals)
2.Polygamy (when a man has more than one wife)
3.Polyandry (when a woman has more than one husband)
4.Gay/Lesbianism (Same sex having sexual intercourse)
5.Open Marriage (a married man and woman bringing an outsider to sleep with)
6. Co-habitation (A single man and woman live together like husband and wife)

This does not mean marriage is a bad thing because of the challenges involved
Any man that finds a wife, finds a good thing.
However, you need prayer to find the right partner

Choice in Marriage

It is not good to make the wrong choice. It brings disaster
However, Even if you make the right choice in marriage, there will always be challenges.
Everyone should be ready for a time of trial which could be in marriage, finance etc....

Irrespective of who you are, we all have a Husband Gen 2.18
Isiah 54.5 explains Jesus is our Husband.
Unfortunately, many people are married to strange husbands and divorced our real Husband who is Jesus Christ. 
We are now married to Mammon and other strange husbands (due to the love of the world).

It breaks Jesus' heart when we break up with Him / lock Him out of our heart.
He is knocking on the door of our hearts. He is out in the rain, in the scourging son begging us to let him into his heart.
Remember, one day we will leave this world and will end up with either Jesus or the Devil
Make the right choice today and it will be well with you.

Have a blessed week.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday 14th July 2013

Title - The perfect Will of God (In marraige

Main Text:- 1cor 7:1-15, 

Bible Passages:- Gen 2.18, 2Tim 1.7

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Hope Orimolusi

Marriage is a good thing.

Marriage is a legal relationship between a husband and a wife that last for a life time.
Note: it is not an experiment.  Remember even if it does not work out, you still have to stay in the relationship as God hates divorce.

Outlines Discussed.

Outline 1

The relationship with God (Gen 2.18)

Marriage was originally intended by God.
God believes a man should not be alone.
Which is why in Gen 2, he formed woman out of Man to be his helper.

Before seeking marriage advice from God, you must have a relationship with God first.
As you need him to guide him with your decisions.
Don't be afraid to pour out your heart to him
2Tim 1.7

If you don't have a relationship with God, you will find it hard to hear from Him.

Outline 2

Why should we Marry

1.To obey God's command Gen 1.28 
2. For fellowship Gen 2.18
3. For partnership Ecc 4.9-11
4. To satisfy the desire for procreation

Outline 3

Godly counself for Marriage

God does not want us joined with unbelievers.
There is no fellowship with an unbeliever (darkness and light cannot dwell together)

Outline 4.

What makes a happy home ?

i)A successful marriage is based on genuine heart agreement
When a husband and wife agree, the children are more likely to grow in the way of God
Prov 22.6

ii)Remember God is important in our lives hence be willing to establish a christian home and have the husband as the head (authority).
Husbands also, love your wife as Christ loved the church (he was willing to die for the church)

iii)It is necessary to allow the word of God to dwell in you.
Parents, if you do not have the word of God in you, it cannot dwell in your children.

Outline 5

How do we recognize his will in marriage Prov 3.5

i)The word of God is the means by which we can recognise his will in marriage
Remember Dreams are good as it is a means God tells us our future partner.
However, dont just based your decision on dreams
If you have a particular person in your mind, you will tend to dream about it.
Hence base your decisions on the word of God.

ii)Through the counsel of the spiritual leaders/elders in church
Do not despise godly counsel from spiritual head.
Take Samson as an example. a true child of God. Even before he was born, God already dedicated him for his work.
However, Samson refused to listen to elderly advice hence, his marriage led to his destruction.

In summary the Purpose of are outlined below.
a)For partnership
b)For power.
c)Preservation for ~Prosperity
d)For Pro-creation
e)To satisfy human carnal nature

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Power in what you eat - Friday 12th July 2013

Main Text:- Matthew 26. 26-30

Food is needed.
Take for example, a pregnant woman's eating habit tends to change as she needs to feed a new life in her.

Food is needed for growth and daily sustenance.
God has created us in His own image. Gen 1.27.
Our body is composed of both our flesh and spirit
Once human dies, the body goes back to dust.
However, God is more interested in our Spirit.
Unfortunately, we humans tend to focus only on our outer apperance (the flesh)
For example, we worry if we are putting on weight, our cholesterol level etc
Today, our focus (the word) is on the food to eat to improve the spirit.

Different ways to feed to body
1. Through the Mouth
2. Our eyes
3.Our Ears
4.Our Nose

1. Through the Mouth (Prov 18.21)

Jesus was tempted by the devil to eat bread
Jesus quickly realized He is not suppose to focus on physical food but on the spiritual word of God. 

You will eat bread today and go hungry tomorrow. However the word of God is everlasting.
Hence he said "man shall not eat by bread only"

The devil wanted to take what Jesus had.
Devil was trying to get the bread of Life out of Him

2.Through our Ears (Ezekiel 2.2) 

Be careful the spirit that speaks to your ears.
Some people cannot and will not speak positivity life into your life
Also be careful of the news you

3.Through your nose (Lev 26.31)

What does God smell of you?
Pray that every smell that the devil has placed on you that caused the Lord not to accept your offering, may it be removed in Jesus Name. Amen

Gen 27.27.
The moment Issac perceived the smell of Esau even though it was actually Jacob, he blessed Jacob.
As Issac perceived Jacob was Esau.
Phil 4.18

 4.Through our Eyes(Gen 13.14)

If your eyes cannot see, then you cannot go beyond what you see.

People are limited because they can't see beyond.
Don't let the devil limit you

Dream BIG so you can Earn BIG

1sam 17.17

David is a character in the bible that dream t BIG.
David was asking for the reward he will receive once he defeats Goliath.
 He dreamed Big And Earned big. He was able to Kill Goliath because he dreamed BIG
Don't associate yourself with people that can't speak positivity in your life.
David's elder brother tried to discourage him from fighting Goliath but he pressed forward

Take another example Esau sold his birth right.
He was careless with the words of his mouth and what he ate.
Gen 25.32-34
Esau ate his destiny with his mouth.

Pray that God will renew your destiny today because there is power in the blood of Jesus

Remain Blessed in Jesus Name.