Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday 16th of  February 2014 (First Service)

Title - Call to Make an Impact

Main Text:-  Genesis 12:1-3

Other Bible passages: Daniel 12:4

Teacher:-  Doctor Hope

Being called to make an impact means stepping aside to make a difference
Abraham is a good example of someone called by God to make an impact in life.
He was called from his country to depart to an unknown land as God instructed him.
He was willing to leave his background ( the life of idolatary) to be drawn closer to God.
As God called Abraham, so also God is looking for people that will worship Him in spirit and in truth

Will you be that vessel of honor, santified for the master's use only?
Will you be different as Daniel chose to stand out for God ?
Will you stand for God so he could use you for his Glory?

If you are willing, pray along with us

Prayer point: Lord make me a vessel of Impact.
May you be santified for the master's use only in Jesus Name.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday 9th of  February 2014 (Second Service)

Title - Our Love for God shall be tested

Main Text:-  1 Corinthians 13: 1-10

Other Bible passages: Proverbs 8: 17-18, John 3:16, Matthew 26:41, Gen 22: 4-17

Teacher:-  Pastor Paul Orimolusi

The main text  (1 cor 13:1-10) lists the characteristics of love. It is very important we demonstrate our love to God and man.

Characteristics of Love.

Love Gives:

In the book John 3:16, the bible tells us God so loved the world he allowed his only Son die for us.
His Son (Jesus) was also willing to yield himself as a sacrifice for our sins.
He paid the debt he did not owe just for us.

Also, in the book of Genesis 22: 4-17, it narrates the story of Abraham willing to give up his only son just to prove his love for God.
Note that Abraham was classified as a friend of God, yet his love for God was tested.
Abraham had waited for 25 years to have this promised child yet God asked him to sacrifice his only child.
God only made this request to see how much Abraham loved God.

The book of James 1:12  states that anyone who passes the test, such person will receive the crown of life. Don't be discouraged when you are tried or tested. Remember there is a crown awaiting you.

Have a blessed Week!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday 9th of  February 2014 (First Service)

Title - New Resolution

Main Text:-  Micah 6: 1-8

Teacher:-  Deaconess Precious Ogundipe

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Many people created new resolutions as we entered the year 2014.

For example, some would love to lose weight in the new year, others to read the word of God everyday, some to finish the bible in a year, whilst others say "I will eat healthy".

However, we find out most people don't meet their expectations due to one excuse or the other. Some will say, the resolution is boring, others will say I'm too busy and much more excuses.

The fact is we are the Israelite of today. We are quick to judge the Isrealites of old however we are worse than them.Malachi 6:1-8

If you create a new year resolution and you are struggling with keeping up, you need Jesus in your life because with Jesus you can do all things.
Daniel 11:32 states "if you know God, you will do exploits"
Invite Jesus in your heart today and you will find out you can do all things once you have Jesus by your side.

As you invite Jesus in your life today, you will find it easier to keep up with your new year resolutions (as long as they are according to God's will). 
You will never be put to shame in Jesus Name.

Remain Blessed.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday 2nd of  February 2014 (First Service)

Title - The Purpose Of Our Living

Main Text:-  Rev 4:11

Teacher:- Pastor (Mrs) Hope Orimolusi.

Why am I on this earth? Why am I a Christian? Why am I a woman/man? Why didn't God make me a piece of wood? Or a chair? God created us in His own image. He created us for a purpose. Rev 4:11

We may be asking ourselves if anything good can still come out of our lives. As long as God is still on the throne, God has a purpose for our lives and He will cause it to come to pass.

Why did God create us?
1. You were created, FOR God, to know God and live for Him. God created us for His own pleasure. The life you are living is not yours. Anything out of living for God is useless. Nobody is praying to die, but it is a debt that everyone has to pay. Let us ask ourselves the question 'If I close my eyes in death now, who will welcome me home?' Live your life for the glory by loving Him with all your heart, mind and might. Deut 10:12 1 Cor 10:21, Gen 6:6.

When you make God the number one thing in your life, He will go out of His way to make you happy. 

Prayer Point: Lord please help me to fulfill Your purpose for creating me. Lord please show me mercy and help me to please You.