Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday 26th July 2015

Title - You shall know the Truth, and it shall set you Free !!

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Psalm 73:1-17


1) Lies of the Devil
2) Danger of lack of knowledge of Truth
3) Locate solution to your challenges through the scriptures

1) Lies of the Devil

- There is gain to do evil Psalm 73:1-17
- Purgatory Heb 9:27- Terrorism 1Cor 15:53-54- Christ will not return

  • Remember Christ could return in two ways

  1. - By rapture 
  2. - or when we die

2) Dangers in lack of knowledge of The Truth 

- Circumstances will control one's life. - Will no longer live by faith rather your surroundings Acts 27:9-12, 2 Cor 5:7- Rather than listening to God, multitudes will be the winner-  Not following God's instructions

3) - Locate solution to your challenges through the Bible

 - I shall not be stranded Deut 31.6 
- It shall be well with me Isaiah 3:10 
- I shall not Die Ps 118:17 
- God shall supply my needs according to his riches through Christ Jesus Phil 4:19 
- Be anxious for nothing Phil 4:6-8 
- I will be fruitful not barren Ex 23:26
 - I shall live in peace Is 32:18 
- My children are for signs and wonders Is 8:18 
- I shall not be moved Ps 62.6

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday 19th July 2015

Title - Fear Not

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- 2Tim 1:7

Bible Passages:-  Heb 11:1 & 6, Mark 12:30-31, 1sam 17:10-38

There is a monster that goes round the world today and has succeeded in installing fear into the heart of man 
Fear is a spirit. Regardless of one's knowledge of the scriptures, fear could still posses man


1. What creates fear into our hearts 
2. Effects of Fear
3. Why should we "Fear Not"

1. What creates fear into our hearts 

-  When we worry of our present situation especially when it is unclear to us
- lack of faith (Heb 11:1 & 6)
- Evil Report (could be in the form of generational curse, e.t.c) Ps 16: 8-11
 - Lack of Love Mark 12:30-31

2. Effect of Fear

1. Paints illusions to look real
2.  Paralyzes its prey
3.  Health Issues (E.g High blood pressure)
4. Makes no positive suggestions (just what if situations ....)
5. What you fear may eventually happen to you Job 3:25

3. Why should we "Fear Not" 

- What you fear will become your god
 - When you fear, it means you Belittle God Ps 62.11

To avoid fear, All you need to do is be Righteous then God will arise on your behalf and make every crooked way straight in your life

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Message Title: Dreams
Teacher: Pastor Paul
Bible passages : Joel 2:29, Acts 2:17, Mathew 2:12, 1Thess 5:18
Date: 17th July 2015

Dreams are very important in the life of everyone

Today's Outline

1. Definition of Dream
2. Who can Dream ?
3. What are the sources of dreams ?
4. How to handle dreams ?

1. Definition of Dream

 Dreams could mean our ambitions or what we hope to become in future
It could be a medium of passing a message. God could pass a message to us through Dreams Gen 37.9, Matt 2:12.

2. Who can Dream ?

Anybody (Believers or unbelievers of Christ) Daniel chapter 2 & 4

3. What are the sources of dreams ?

- What our hearts are focused on Ecc 5:3
- Through Satanic agents
- From God Almighty

3b. How can we differentiate the source of our dreams?
Any dream or prophecy that cannot be traced back to the scripture is not from God

4. How to handle dreams ?

 - If you have or receive a positive dream,
- first thank God (1 Thess 5:18)
- Take steps or actions to make the dream come true.
- Pray it to manifestation (Ezekiel 36:36-37)

4b. How to handle dreams ? 

- if negative, pray against it Is 7:7