Sunday, February 25, 2018

25th February 2018 - Sunday Service 

Title: What would you be remembered for?

Main Text:- Romans 16:1-3

Teacher: Minister Peter Ibadin

From the main bible text, we see Paul saluted/greeted many people.
He must have met so other people in his journey here in life.
Yet, he chose to specially salute these set of people.
Definitely, they must have made a remarkable difference in his life.

This is a lesson to each and everyone of us. When someone is helpful, always say thanks.
Now let's look deeper into the lives of some of the bible characters.

Phobe was very generous to Paul.
No wonder he pleaded with other brethren to help her anyway she required.
What would you be remembered for?

Priscillia and Acquila risked their life to save Paul
If a stranger asked your friend to describe you, would you receive such honour?
Always know one thing, if you do good to anyone, it's like a seed sown.
One day, you would reap whatever you sow.
Your reward is even greater when you do good to a servant of God (Matt 25:40)

Paul described Epaenetus as a helpful friend.
What type of friend are you?
There are many friends out there, but it is a choice to be a good friend

Let us take 2 bible characters as examples (Job vs Daniel) . Both had 3 friends that played significant characters in their lives.
Job saw his friends (Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar) as miserable comforters - Job 16:2
While Daniel had friends (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) that chose to stick together to do what is pleasing to God no matter the circumstance.
Pause and reflect, what type of friend are you?

Moving unto Adronicus & Junia (Paul's relatives)
It is nothing new that family and friends may forsake us, when we take a stand for God
Even Jesus acknowledged in Matt 13:57 that "a prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his house"
However Adronicus & Junia went through trials with Paul instead of turning away

Apelles was described as someone approved in Christ.
He must have been tested and passed. (1 Pet 1:7)
Pray to God that whatever test comes your way, ask God for Grace to pass and not fail Him.

Tryphaena, Tryphosa & Persis were commended for their hardwork.
Nothing you do goes unnoticed.

Although, we didn't go through each character from this passage, always remember everything you do is like a seed
One day, you will reap whatever you sow.
Have a blessed week

Sunday, February 11, 2018

11th February 2018 - Youth Sunday Service 


Exercising Godly standards to Express Godly Strength

Main Text:- Prov 14:35

Teacher: Henry Adedeji

Using Joseph as a case study we see that he prospered in all his endeavors (Gen 39:2)
This is because he took all his tasks seriously
Likewise, if you desire greatness, you must act diligently

Although God has made us so many promises, there are conditions to receiving them
1) Cultivate good/godly character (Col 3:23)
2) Never be a liability, instead be an Asset (Gen 39:2-5)
3) Develop good work ethics (diligence) Prov 22:29