Tuesday, January 1, 2013

P & F, 31st December 2012

  • Opening Prayer

  • Prayer points
    • Lord as we are gathered in your presence, please fill us
    • Tonight, Lord re-position us
    • Lord Open our Heart
    • Lord Sanctify every Vessel you shall use tonight
    • Covenant I have with God, it cannot be broken
    • Call to worship
    • Congregational Hymn
    • Film Intro
    • Film Show: “let my people go”
    • Choir Ministration
    • Word/ Holy Communion 
    • Thanksgiving offering /celebration

  • Announcement
    • Hour of “Travail to Prevail” is 8pm-9pm every  Wednesday.
    •  Please take time out to attend Bible study sessions on Friday evenings  between  6-7.30 p.m.
    • Bible college starting 10 am , January 12 2013
    • Annual thanksgiving service next Sunday, come  dressed gorgeously  to the presence of God.

  • Welcome New Year
  • High praise unto God
  • Benediction

The word
Israelites vs. Egyptians
  • "Let my People Go so they may serve Me"
  • REMEMBER, after your deliverance, do not worship another god.
  • God is NOT an extra wheel

Prayer Points:
  • Tonight I shall pass through the dry land and achieve my destiny.
  • In this year 2013, the Lord will reign in my life
  • Father, every stubborn pursuer against my destiny, let me see them no more


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