Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday 29th November 2015

Title - It is an Idol! Don't Bow To It

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Isaiah 42:8, Exodus 20:3-6.

Bible Passages:- John 14:31, John 12:31, John 10:10, Acts 16:16-18, 1 John 2:15-17, Philippians 4:6, Mathew 5:11-12, Genesis 25:29, Genesis 25:34, Daniel 3:8-28

God clearly states in the book of Is 42:8, He is God and will not share His Glory with anyone.
The Devil is aware that God is a jealous God (Ex 20:5) and does his best to make man turn contrary to God's word
His main objective is to kill steal & destroy (To Kill dreams and destroy lives)

An example of how he has succeeded in deceiving a lot of people is that the more they kill, the greater their reward in heaven

How the devil deceives christians

1) Money (Quick rich schemes with the use of power, magic)
2) Popularity/Fame 
3) Power (absolute power corrupts absolutely)
4) Acquisition of Material Things
5) Fake Miracles

The devil's luring techniques

1) Put fears into one's heart (e.g.fear of tomorrow)
2) Fear of Rejection
3) Drugs/Drinking/cult
4) starvation/Hunger
5) Watches our weakest moments

Once you give your life to Christ, - Hell breaks loose, -Devil enters into the heart of close companions to discourage you. However, do not loose courage, God is with you always and you will overcome once you stand by Him.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday 22 November 2015

Title - Crossing Over

Teacher:- Pastor Innocent

Main Text:- Mark 4:35-41

Bible Passages:- Habakkuk 2:2, Isaiah 1:19.

In the book of Mark 4:35-41, Jesus told His disciples let us cross over
When God wanted the children of Israel out of Egypt, He asked them to Cross over
When God asks you to Cross over, it could be in the form of moving from spiritual sleep to spiritual awakening, from instability to stability, from poverty to wealth e.t.c

For every cross over, be ready to confront obstacles (e.g sea, wind, people in the boat, lake and more could all be form of obstacles).

The of Children Israel were confronted with the red sea, Jonah caused the people on his boat to face storm ( Who is in your boat, Gossipers, Liars, spiritual killers, strange loads) ?. Keep away from such. No time to waste

All You Need when crossing over is Jesus. He will calm the storm in your life and will send The Holy Spirit to guide and direct your steps

Habakkuk 2:2 encourages us to write down our vision which we aim to accomplish (Have a big Expectation) Then you take "Action" Isaiah 1:19

Why Does God want you to Cross Over ?
  • Where you are is not your final destination
  • There is a big goal to be reached and for every goal there is crown


 Every Wind in my life be CALM NOW in the Name of Jesus

Father send forth revival in this land

Lord as you used Daniel, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego use me for your Glory

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday 15 November 2015

Title - One Thing is Needful

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Luke 18:19-24.

Bible Passages:- Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Malachi 3:8-11, Numbers 22:12, Malachi 3:11, Malachi 3:9, Psalms 20:1-4

We May be keeping all of the commandments of God or doing what is right (such as the Rich man in the book of St Luke 18:19-24), Yet One thing he lacked. 
Inability to distribute his wealth to the poor. 

Tithing is one tenth of our income which is necessary

Why do we have to pay Tithe 

1. God Has said it (When we give our tithe it is an Act of obedience) Deut 28:1-14
2. So There will be meat in God's house Malachi 3:8-11
3. So we would not be declared robbers at the Gate of Heaven
4. So God will rebuke the devourer for your sake Numbers 22:12, Malachi 3:11
 5. So we won't bring down curses on ourselves Malachi 3:9
6. So we can be blessed 
7. Giving our tithe&offering may stand as an umbrella for us to prevent rain of affliction falling on us Ps 20:1-4.

Apart from Biblical scriptures, Remember there may be people in need around you. The widows, the less privileged, the homeless, church maintenance, community outreach e.t.c. All of these are part of church responsibilities. You


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday 8th November 2015

Title - Stress

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- John 4:6.

Bible Passages:- Philippians 3:15, 1 kings 19:1-5.

We all know Jesus was a super natural human yet  in the book of John 4:6, we are told he was wearied(stressed).
Stress could affect anyone irrespective of your title, status, race, background. etc

Different Types of stress 

  • Acute Stress
  • Episodic Acute Stress
  • Chronic stress

Acute Stress 

It comes from demands and pressures of the recent past and anticipated demands and pressures of the near future.. If not handled carefully could result in Episodic Stress
Could lead to psychologic distress.


i) Always in haste to get things done

 Episodic Acute Stress

There are those, however, who suffer acute stress frequently, whose lives are so disordered that they are studies in chaos and crisis. They're always in a rush, but always late. 

Characteristics those who suffer Episodic Acute Stress 

 i) Always in a rush to get things done yet always late.

ii) Always worried about everything

 iii) Constantly Dwelling on the past

iv) Pessimistic (do not see anything good in anyone or anything)

v) Resistant to Change

vi) Constant headache/Migrane

Chronic stress

This is the grinding stress that wears people away day after day, year after year. Chronic stress destroys bodies, minds and lives.

Those who suffer such are Hopeless. Give up on searching for solutions to their issues. This destroys their body, mind and lifestyle. Such are not in their right mind

 i)Physical and mental state depletes

ii) Could result in death, Suicide & Violence.

iii) Requires medical treatment

If stress is what you live with on a daily basis (especially Chronic stress), it could result into cancerous disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke e.t.c


  • We must not abandon does going through these problems. Encouragement and follow up is important
  • Engage yourself in physical exercise 1Tim 4:8
  • Relax Gen 2:3
  • Keep Your Hope Alive.Job 14:7
  • Remember The promise of God regarding the situation threathening you
  • Remember All of God's goodness even in the past
  • Ask God for Angelic Assistance