Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013 

Title - "Steadfastness,"

Main Text:- Acts 10: 1-5, .

Bible Passages:- Isiah 38: 1-2, James 4:17, Ezekiel 18:20, 

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Introduction :Steadfastness could mean 
  • consistent, 
  • unshakable,
  • fixed 
  • constant.

We will focus on the following outlines based on Steadfastness

Outline 1:

Did you know God considers it a Sin if anyone who knows how to do good, fails to do good ?
see James 4:7

Outline 2:

It is not right to do good and cease from doing well.
You must be consistent in doing good.
Once you stop, it is also a sin before God

Outline 3:

God Keeps Records.

Some of us may wonder if it is possible for God to keep record of events made by every single individual in the world (considering there are approximately 7.134 billion people in the world ).

Remember, God is not a man. Nothing is impossible for Him to do. If we humans are limited, God is not limited.

Any good or bad act that you have done, is in God's record.
No matter how big or small your act is, the Lord is aware of it.
Hebrews 6.10 states "God is not unrighteous to forget our work and labor of love.

An example of someone that God remembered due to his good acts is Cornelius.
Acts 10 10: 1-5 narrates the story of Cornelius
His good Acts brought salvation to him and his household.

Another example of a character in the Bible that was remembered by God due to his good works is Hezekiah.
See Isiah 38: 1-2.
The Lord extended his life by 15 years based on his good works.

Do you feel like no one cares about your good works ?
Do you feel like it is a waste of time ?
Do not faint from doing good. 
Remember: It is good to do good because God is watching and He will reward you greatly.

Have a blessed Week.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday 8th December 2013 (First Service)

Title - "Standing on the promises of God,"

Main Text:- Isiah 45: 9 - 13, 1cor 1:20, Numbers 23.19.

Bible Passages:- Proverbs 13:12

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

God can never be compared to man.

1. God is our creator.

Is it possible for the clay to dictate to the Potter how he wishes to be created ?

Human's are always dis-appointed because we tend to put our trust in man.
Humans are completely limited, but God's hand are not shortened to rescue us

Comparison between God and man.

1.God never slumbers
2. God never fails. Num 23.19
3.God lives forever

How do we know the promises of God in our lives ?
Answer: Through the word of God.
Remember humans can lie, but God never lies.
He exalt His word above his Name.

How do we know the promises of God in our lives
 (when we are troubled concerning)?
1. Life partner (remind God He has said in His word, it is not good for a man to be alone)
2. Health of our children Is 54.13
3. Salvation of your soul Acts 16.31
4. Lack (He is Jehovah Jireh~)
If we can only hold unto God's word, we will never be dissapointed.

However, Remember there is always a condition attached to receiving God's promise in our lives.
Remember in the book of 1sam 2:28-30.  though God has promised Eli there will always be a priest in his lineage, because of his Children's transgressions, this promise was cut short.

If God makes a promise to us, we must still Honor Him and server Him, then God's promise will surely come to pass.
Do not make the same mistake Eli made with his children as this caused him to loose God's promise in his life.

Remain blessed

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday 8th November 2013 (Night Vigil)

Title - "When my faith is challenged,"

Main Text:- Ex 15: 1-3

Bible Passages:- Phil 2.14, Numbers 14.28, Ecc 5.2, Ex 15.1-3, Ex 16.3

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Regardless of who you are, it is compulsory that our faith in Jesus will be tested.
Situations, poverty lack etc..could be challenging.

There are situations in life that have being challenging to Christians.
for example, the General Overseer was tempted.
3 of his children were delivered by operation.
He was warned by the doctors that his wife should terminate the pregnancy.
However, because of the fear of Jesus in Him, he refused to terminate the child.

When it was time for his wife to deliver to 4th child, she was in labor for days.
The devil tempted him saying his wife will die with the pregnancy.
Pastor Adeboye told the devil "with God all things are possible"
Immediately, he saw the light of God and the child was delivered safely.

Whatsoever you are going through, remember it could be a test.
Many people may get it wrong.
When unpleasant situations come their way, they question God.

When my faith is challenged,
1. I must NOT murmur Phil 2.14

When my faith is challenged,
2. I must not speak rashly Numbers 14.28, Ecc 5.2

When my faith is challenged,
3.Always think of one Good thing God has done for you
If we are thoughtful, we will be grateful
Ex 15.1-3, Ex 16.3

When my faith is challenged,
4.Remember there is an expiry date for everything Jer 46.17

When your faith is challenged,
5.Speak out your victory 1sam 17: 45-46

When my faith is challenged,
6.Cultivate the habit of giving thanks to God Ps 34.1

When my faith is challenged,
7.Remember God cannot lie
Numbers 23.19

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday 13th October 2013 (Sunday Service)

Title - "I am becoming a wonder to my generation"

Main Text:- Prov 30:18-19a

Bible Passages:- Psalm 71:7, Psalms 89:20, Judges 15: 14-17

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

The reason why God carries you on His wings, is to teach you how to fly!!!

The same way the mother eagle teaches the eaglet how to fly, so also God wants to transform us from Eaglet to Eagles.

Nothing can attack an eagle however an eaglet can be attacked
The only threat the eaglet has is the serpent.
That is why God is trying to transform you from the eaglet phase to become an Eagle.

However, if the eaglet is trapped in the snake's snare, the Eagle will come to rescue its baby by taking the snake up to a high height, rip its head off and drop it down.
That is how God will treat the devil on your behalf.

Still God wants us to become Eagles. If you become an Eagle, you will become a wonder
Prov 30:18 - 19a 

Joshua is an example of an Eagle.
He told the sun to stand still and the sun obeyed.
It takes an eagle to operate in that dimension.

There is an annoting to being a wonder. You will be totally transformed from one phase to another. No one is born a wonder. However, you can become a wonder.Psalm 71.7
For instance, no one is born a doctor, you are transformed to become a doctor at some stage in your life.

What does it mean to be a wonder?
To become a WHOA!
People begin to say "there is something different about that man".

For example, when David was running away from Saul in the wilderness/cave, lots of worthless men came to him to make him their master.
However, because they associated themselves with David (a wonder), they were later referred to as "Mighty Men"

In order to become a wonder, you need to get the God of wonder into your life.
The presence of the wonder of God can do many good things in your life.

Ingredients that make you a wonder

1.The annointing

When anointing comes upon a man, he becomes a wonder Psalm 89.20
David used a stone to kill Goliath whom the mighty men of war could not face.
Even though it might be a small stone, the anointing of God was on that stone which made it kill Goliath.
In the human eye, the stone is harmless and silly to use against a mighthy warrior.
However, because God was with David, the stone led to Goliath's downfall.

2.The Spirit of God

Examples of people in the Bible that had the spirit of God will be the Apostles
The Spirit of God was upon them that even made a sorcerer (Simon) offer the apostles money for the Spirit of God Acts 18:18-19

Samson was able to kill a thousand men with just the jawbone of an ass.
In human sense, it is impossible but because the Spirit of God came upon Him, he was able to defeat a thousand.


Lord annoint me with your Holy Oil
Let your Spirit be upon me.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday 12th October 2013 (Worker's meeting)

Title - "The Eagle Diet"

Main Text:- Deuteronomy  32:10-12

Bible Passages:- Hosea 4.6, Joshua 1:8, 1 cor 10: 3-4

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

Let us study the relationship between the Eagle and Eaglet:
The reason why the mother Eagle carries the baby eagle on it's wings, is to teach the baby how to fly

So also, God is teaching you how to fly. Even when you feel like He lets go, He hasn't! 
He is there to catch you lest you fall.
He wants to ensure you can soar.

When the Eagle goes out for a meal, he goes out for what he wants NOT what he finds
That means, before it sets out for its meal, it already has his meal planned.

The Eagle stays up in its flight until it finds what it wants to eat.
Then it dives down to take its devour its prey

In order to fly high as a spiritual Eagle, you need to eat the Word (The Word of God)
Hosea 4:6, Joshua 1:8

If you know how to work the Word, it will work for you.
Even Jesus engaged his battle (the temptation) with the Word of God
Matthew 4.4

Take for instance, when you eat Rice, the enzymes in your body will break it down and it becomes energy so also, When you eat spiritual food, your spiritual enzymes will break it down and it becomes Faith.
Remember, without Faith, no man can please God.

If you know the word, and you know how to work it, it will make you a high flier.

If you go somewhere without God's approval, you will pay the fare!!! Joshua 1:3

To abide: means to wait patiently for.., to accept the word without objection, to remain fixed

When you are confident to say,
God said it
I believe it
That settles it.
That means you are abiding in His word

Friday 11th October 2013 (Worker's meeting)

Title - "How I bore you on eagle's wings"

Main Text:- Exodus 32: 10- 12

Bible Passages:- Exodus 19.14

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

"How I bore you on eagle's wings" Ex 19.4
This sentence in the Bible guarantees the height and speed you will fly/operate

The height the eagle flies is higher than any other bird
That means as a worker or minister, your height and speed should differ from others.

The height and speed the eagle operates is beyond human understanding
Ex 19.4 explains God is both the flight, journey and destination

Everything God does is to bring you to Himself

To us, the children of Israel were walking on bear land. However, God actually bear them on Eagle's wings

This means the children of Israel were being carried (on Eagle's Wings)

Carry Me Oh Lord!!!

The wings by which the children of Israel were carried were wings of power.
(not weak wings) Ex 32.11

The Lord is willing to carry us on wings of power.
With the power of God, you begin to operate in a supernatural mode
Super natural was derived from 2 word
Superior - Superior to the natural

Super natural reverses the irreversible.
Every human will believe when they see the super natural

You do not need to be a pastor or minister before you can operate in the super natural realm
Remember!The Lord is willing to carry US on wings of power.
It is not an exclusive right to Title

What is the importance of operating in the Super natural realm
1.Carrying the power of God makes soul winning easy.
2.It helps to sanctify the church

Supernatural means it over rules and overrides the natural

Are you prepared to soar on Eagle's Wings ?

Friday 11th October 2013 (Praise Night)

Title - It's Time to Move

Main Text:- John 5: 1-9

Bible Passages:- Matt 5.13, Matt 25:14-30

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

Why must I move?

When you overstay at any place in time, it defines your situation.
When you overstay in one position for too long, it defines your condition.

The woman with the issue of blood was no longer called by her name but her situation made people call her the "Woman with the issue of blood"

Another man in the bible was also Blind Bartimeus.
His first name was not blind but his situation made people define him as "Blind Bartimeus"

It is time to move

Point 2 (why must I move)

Everything takes a process
Jesus was on earth for 33 years and was taken off. However, His death was not premature
Moses on the other hand was in the world for over 100 years but his death was premature because he was yet to make it to the promised land.

Point 3 (Why must I move)?

Because One man's destiny connects with another.
Your movement can aid another man's destiny.

Assume you work 9am in the morning. The journey to work usually takes 30 minutes
Perhaps on another day you were heading to work, there was an accident on the road, you will be late to work due to another person's mistake.

Why do people fail to move?

1.When a man overstays at a point, something bigger than him is holding him there.
When a man is stuck at one point, there is a force bigger and stronger than him that's holding him down thus stopping him from taking that move.

2. When a man overstays at a point, it is an indication that no man bigger and stronger than him is there to help him

Hence, that is how far his strength can take him. He needs another force.

3.Because something he/she is doing is undoing him/her.
For example harboring bitterness in your heart could hinder your progress.
Also, your iniquity can hinder your progress to your destiny.
Search yourself and search your heart. It is impossible to serve God and do the things of the world.
Sin is a barrier between God and man. God loves man but hates sin.
Search yourself.....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday 13th September 2013 (Bible study session)

Title - Vessel Unto Honor

Main Text:- 2 Tim 2:20-21

Bible Passages:- Matt 5.13, Matt 25:14-30

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

How a vessel unto Honour can be defiled

i)Sins committed with our hands

ii)sins committed with our tongue

iii)Sin from the heart


Take Lucifer as an example. He thought within his heart that he could over throne God.
That is why as Christians, we have to be careful of what thoughts come through our mind.

3 different kind of Sins.

i)A man can sin against himself e.g sin of fornication, pride

To the master of the great house, sin means the failure of a vessel to be what it can or ought to be.

Sin can be translated to be a missing of the target.
For example, The parables of the talent, the salt that lost its savor, the fig tree that refuse to bear fruits, are examples of what God considers to be sin.
Men are not expected to be equal but to put effort into doing the right thing. Sitting on the wall is not tolerated. It is also considered to be a sin.

God hates it when a christian is not useful in His work. E.g in the area of just singing, evangelism, follow up with other Christians, simple task like cleaning the church etc
God has called us the salt of the earth to preserve souls that are new to Christ. We should noture them and ensure they are preserved in faith.
There are several means to follow up with people. social media, calls, text etc

Salt also adds flavor. There are lots of troubled lives and we as the salt should assist in adding flavor to the troubled lives.

You are not permitted to be warm. If you want to be on the Lord's side, do it whole heartedly. You want to be HOT for God, be Hot, if you want to be cold to the devil, be cold. Rev 3:15-16

ii)Sins against others

It is a sin to fail to respond/react to humans need. it is a sin to see someone in need and you fail to help

Failing to show pity to others (with actions) is a sin. For example, seeing someone in problem and turning away or judging them. Remember, we will all face challenges at some stage in our lives.
It's only a matter of time.

Your own challenge will be different from mine but it is necessary to pray you overcome.
The 2 most important commandments
i)Love God
ii)Love your neighbour

B) It is a sin to avoid fellowship with other christians. e.g of fellowship, Bible study, church service.
I can learn from you and you can learn from me. No one knows it all.
Be careful what you do when you are absent fellowship with other Christians as an idle mind is the devil's workshop

C) It is a grievous sin to cause others to sin. e.g giving a wrong counsel

Matt 25:31-46; Luke 15:25-32; Matt 18:6-7

iii)Sins against God

All sins are against God but in particular sin is deliberately doing things our own way instead of God's way.

When God gives us an instruction and we disobey. It is a sin

Show Off (putting yourself as the center of attention instead of giving God all the Glory)

Fix these words in your heart.
Have a blessed weekend :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013

Title - The Antidote for Sorrow

Main Text:- John 14.6

Bible Passages:- John 3.16

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Many things can bring sorrow into our lives.

As long as we are in this world, sorrow is bound to come.
The devil goes up and down the world causing pain. He sends arrows of sorrow into the lives of people.
However, in the Name of Jesus, whatsoever the plans of the devil is, to bring sorrow to your life, may it never come to pass.

Wrong means to get rid of sorrow


People tend to engage themselves in things that are not good for their health hoping it will get rid of their pains.
Someone depressed may decide to go drinking hoping the intoxication from alcohol will get rid of the pain.
Note: this joy is temporary.
Unfortunately for the victim, alcohol could cause them to engage themselves in harmful things.
Once you are intoxicated, you may engage yourself in things like drug addiction, rape, murder etc


Engaging yourself in infidelity to cure pain will not work.
The pleasure will last for a short moment, but once it is over, the pain is back again.

The only anti dote for sorrow is JESUS Christ.
He is the only source of Joy or antidote to sorrow (and this method is permanent)
John 14.6

Salvation is free.
Come to Jesus. He does not want your money. Just YOU!
Psalm 34.8

Have a blessed week :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013

Title - The perfect Will of God (In marriage) Part II

Main Text:- Gen 2:22-25, 

Bible Passages:- 1Kings 11.1-4 ; 1Kings 11.9-14; Judges 14.1-3; Isiah 43:1-4

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Marriage is very important.

Even God ordained marriage Gen 2.22-25

However, when the devil observes something good, he will do his best to ensure sorrow is introduced

The devil tries his best to ruin this plan by bringing trouble to married homes.

Even Youths and teenagers are now going on the wrong path as seen in the world

The devil has polluted everything to do with marriage

Perversions in Marriage

There are several ways marriages have being perverted (contrary to the word of God)

Perversions in Marriage

1. Zoophilia (having sex with animals)
2.Polygamy (when a man has more than one wife)
3.Polyandry (when a woman has more than one husband)
4.Gay/Lesbianism (Same sex having sexual intercourse)
5.Open Marriage (a married man and woman bringing an outsider to sleep with)
6. Co-habitation (A single man and woman live together like husband and wife)

This does not mean marriage is a bad thing because of the challenges involved
Any man that finds a wife, finds a good thing.
However, you need prayer to find the right partner

Choice in Marriage

It is not good to make the wrong choice. It brings disaster
However, Even if you make the right choice in marriage, there will always be challenges.
Everyone should be ready for a time of trial which could be in marriage, finance etc....

Irrespective of who you are, we all have a Husband Gen 2.18
Isiah 54.5 explains Jesus is our Husband.
Unfortunately, many people are married to strange husbands and divorced our real Husband who is Jesus Christ. 
We are now married to Mammon and other strange husbands (due to the love of the world).

It breaks Jesus' heart when we break up with Him / lock Him out of our heart.
He is knocking on the door of our hearts. He is out in the rain, in the scourging son begging us to let him into his heart.
Remember, one day we will leave this world and will end up with either Jesus or the Devil
Make the right choice today and it will be well with you.

Have a blessed week.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday 14th July 2013

Title - The perfect Will of God (In marraige

Main Text:- 1cor 7:1-15, 

Bible Passages:- Gen 2.18, 2Tim 1.7

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Hope Orimolusi

Marriage is a good thing.

Marriage is a legal relationship between a husband and a wife that last for a life time.
Note: it is not an experiment.  Remember even if it does not work out, you still have to stay in the relationship as God hates divorce.

Outlines Discussed.

Outline 1

The relationship with God (Gen 2.18)

Marriage was originally intended by God.
God believes a man should not be alone.
Which is why in Gen 2, he formed woman out of Man to be his helper.

Before seeking marriage advice from God, you must have a relationship with God first.
As you need him to guide him with your decisions.
Don't be afraid to pour out your heart to him
2Tim 1.7

If you don't have a relationship with God, you will find it hard to hear from Him.

Outline 2

Why should we Marry

1.To obey God's command Gen 1.28 
2. For fellowship Gen 2.18
3. For partnership Ecc 4.9-11
4. To satisfy the desire for procreation

Outline 3

Godly counself for Marriage

God does not want us joined with unbelievers.
There is no fellowship with an unbeliever (darkness and light cannot dwell together)

Outline 4.

What makes a happy home ?

i)A successful marriage is based on genuine heart agreement
When a husband and wife agree, the children are more likely to grow in the way of God
Prov 22.6

ii)Remember God is important in our lives hence be willing to establish a christian home and have the husband as the head (authority).
Husbands also, love your wife as Christ loved the church (he was willing to die for the church)

iii)It is necessary to allow the word of God to dwell in you.
Parents, if you do not have the word of God in you, it cannot dwell in your children.

Outline 5

How do we recognize his will in marriage Prov 3.5

i)The word of God is the means by which we can recognise his will in marriage
Remember Dreams are good as it is a means God tells us our future partner.
However, dont just based your decision on dreams
If you have a particular person in your mind, you will tend to dream about it.
Hence base your decisions on the word of God.

ii)Through the counsel of the spiritual leaders/elders in church
Do not despise godly counsel from spiritual head.
Take Samson as an example. a true child of God. Even before he was born, God already dedicated him for his work.
However, Samson refused to listen to elderly advice hence, his marriage led to his destruction.

In summary the Purpose of are outlined below.
a)For partnership
b)For power.
c)Preservation for ~Prosperity
d)For Pro-creation
e)To satisfy human carnal nature

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Power in what you eat - Friday 12th July 2013

Main Text:- Matthew 26. 26-30

Food is needed.
Take for example, a pregnant woman's eating habit tends to change as she needs to feed a new life in her.

Food is needed for growth and daily sustenance.
God has created us in His own image. Gen 1.27.
Our body is composed of both our flesh and spirit
Once human dies, the body goes back to dust.
However, God is more interested in our Spirit.
Unfortunately, we humans tend to focus only on our outer apperance (the flesh)
For example, we worry if we are putting on weight, our cholesterol level etc
Today, our focus (the word) is on the food to eat to improve the spirit.

Different ways to feed to body
1. Through the Mouth
2. Our eyes
3.Our Ears
4.Our Nose

1. Through the Mouth (Prov 18.21)

Jesus was tempted by the devil to eat bread
Jesus quickly realized He is not suppose to focus on physical food but on the spiritual word of God. 

You will eat bread today and go hungry tomorrow. However the word of God is everlasting.
Hence he said "man shall not eat by bread only"

The devil wanted to take what Jesus had.
Devil was trying to get the bread of Life out of Him

2.Through our Ears (Ezekiel 2.2) 

Be careful the spirit that speaks to your ears.
Some people cannot and will not speak positivity life into your life
Also be careful of the news you

3.Through your nose (Lev 26.31)

What does God smell of you?
Pray that every smell that the devil has placed on you that caused the Lord not to accept your offering, may it be removed in Jesus Name. Amen

Gen 27.27.
The moment Issac perceived the smell of Esau even though it was actually Jacob, he blessed Jacob.
As Issac perceived Jacob was Esau.
Phil 4.18

 4.Through our Eyes(Gen 13.14)

If your eyes cannot see, then you cannot go beyond what you see.

People are limited because they can't see beyond.
Don't let the devil limit you

Dream BIG so you can Earn BIG

1sam 17.17

David is a character in the bible that dream t BIG.
David was asking for the reward he will receive once he defeats Goliath.
 He dreamed Big And Earned big. He was able to Kill Goliath because he dreamed BIG
Don't associate yourself with people that can't speak positivity in your life.
David's elder brother tried to discourage him from fighting Goliath but he pressed forward

Take another example Esau sold his birth right.
He was careless with the words of his mouth and what he ate.
Gen 25.32-34
Esau ate his destiny with his mouth.

Pray that God will renew your destiny today because there is power in the blood of Jesus

Remain Blessed in Jesus Name. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Message Title:

The Re-position Head

The head represents you.
The head talks and represents your destiny
Gen 37: 3- 37

Take Joseph as an example, he had a great dream however before his dream came to pass he went through many challenges

Fathers, there is a role you ought to play.
Storms will always be there however, God will reposition you today.
These storms of life could be very discomforting however By the special Grace of God you will make it.

Judges 11.
Another example as seen in the bible, Jephtah was a man that was the son of a prostitue however because he was destined for greatnes, his brothers that threw him out went back out to call him for help.

Remember, every great person has gone through some sort of storm but just hold on and keep your focus on Jesus.
He will make a way.
God will make us the head in Jesus Name

Responsibilities of Fathers
1.Work (bread winner)
2. Home Runner
3.Educator of your Children
4.Love your wife
Gen 3.16

Eph 5.23
Fathers leave a legacy for your children as they will look up to you

Happy Father's Day :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Title - Significance of Holy Communion

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Grace Okorende

Holy Communion is dining with Christ

Remember the story of Pharaoh Vs the Children of Israel
With all the signs given unto Pharaoh to release the children from bondage, he refused.
For example when Moses turned

Rod to snake
Water to blood
Swam of flies
Death of Egyptian
Plaque of locust
Plaque of darkness

He refused to listen to the voice of God.

However, on the night of Passover (the death of the first born), Pharaoh called the children of Israel at midnight and asked them to leave Egypt Ex 12.32
Due to the Passover, the children of Israel received the favor of God through their oppressors the Egyptians.

For the apostles, it was a meal of strength as a result of the loss of their master.

The Passover is a meal to encourage the sorrowful
As you take the meal sorrow will never be your portion

The meal will open the eyes of people that tears have blinded
 Acts 24.17
Tears could make you blind because tears blurs vision.

The last supper was the meal of strength
For God to lift you high, he will give you strength to overcome
Ex 12.12 as you eat the holy communion

However, Before partaking of the Holy Communion, examine yourself
1cor 11.28
If you dwell in sin, don't partake in this communion.
However, if you need the strength overcome your weakness, then cry unto the Lord that this Holy Communion shall grant you the strength to overcome to sin

Remain Blessed :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday 11th June 2013

Title - Sources of Bondage

Main Text:- Gen 1:31, Gen 3.1,  Gen 3.24,

Bible Passages:- Micah 7.6, 

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Grace Okorende

When God Created the world. He made everything good
Genesis 1.31
However Satan came to ruin the good thing God had made.
Gen 3.1

Sources of Bondage


Sin is an agreement with the devil to disobey God.
John 8.44
Our actions can bring bondage into our lives.
Take Reuben as an example, even he was refereed to an "excellence" but his birth right was cursed because he went to bed with his father's mother.
Gen 49:3-4
1 chronicles 5.1


Take Ananias and Sappira as an example.
They were killed because of thier actions
Acts 5:-5


Not paying your tithe is stealing
Sin, no matter how small can ruin a lot
SIN brings bondage!!!!

Sin is matter how small. when you sin, you are opening door to bondage.
For example, a very responsible lady just had a sip of alcohol and that was the door to her bondage.

Another example was of a girl who was devoted to God.
Her mother offended her and she harbored un-forgiveness in her heart.
She was cursed by an impersonating spirit that drained her of her blood.
Those demons caused her to drink washing up liquid as water.
The evil spirit kept on saying she is a fervent child of God however,they still got through to her by her husband (he did evil against his wife) and she carried this ache in her heart.
Pray that God will give you the Grace to guard your heart
Don't be deceived.Prov 19.19

Sources of Bondage

2. Covenant of our Fathers. Jer 35.1-10

The moment you give your life to Jesus, all covenant with power of darkness will be broken
However, if you open your life to sin or anything that is unpleasing to God, the covenant will find its way back into your life.
Parental covenant can put us into bondage.
Guard your heart!!!
Guard your heart!!!
In some families, they have being cursed to be nobody. This can only affect children of God if we open up to  sin

Sources of Bondage

3)Bondage through family member

Bondage can come through you own family but it will not work on you if you are upright.
Judges15:1-2, Judges15:9-13,Micah 7.6

Sources of Bondage!

4)Known & Unknown personal covenant.

You might have even being to a church that you believe was a real church of God but was of the devil.
The devil could show himself like angel of light when indeed he is just a deceiver.
One way or the other, he has lured so many people to taking covenant known and unknown to them.
Also, Every attitude that is not of God brings demons (bondage) in your life.

Solution:Take Authority.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you
Pray that Holy Spirit will replace that area that the demon has left.

In conclusion, run from sin.
It is a reproach. Just a little sin can bring bondage into the lives of both believers and non believers.
Ask Jesus to send his comforter the Holy Spirit to help as none of us can do it on our own.

May you be blessed as you do.

Have a blessed week

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013 - I will Finish Well

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Romans 5:1-5. 

Bible Passages:- Genesis 2: 1-2, Exodus 31:17, John 19:30

From the above scriptures, we can see that God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day.
John 19:30, Jesus said it is finished

Outline for today

1.Importance of Figure 7.

a) There is time for everything

For good 6 days, God labored but on the 7th day he rested
Do not be envious of the achievement of others.our times are different
Ecc 3. 1-7

b)Do not rest while you are meant to work

John 9:4
Jesus said he will do the work of his father while it is day, because night time is coming that he can't work.

c)If you started well, keep up the good work.

Do not be distracted
Distractions are bound to come.
Could be from your wife, husband, children or even friends.

Remember, Everyone's race differs. Even if you have not completed your race or reached your destination, it could be because your race differs from others that have completed thiers.

Do not quit. Don't give up
Quitters will never win.
When the goings are tough, still stay focused.

Take for example, God showed our General Overseer a vision that Reedeemed Christian Church of God will grow bigger.
No one believed, but today, the Lord has made us even bigger than he imagined

d) We need to put an extra effort into our dreams

Even when God has shown you what your future will be, you still need an extra effort on your own
amd Stay focused on God

How to add an effort to your live

ii)sowing seed to the less priviledged Ecc 11:1-6
iii)Evangelism and follow up.
Win souls for christ and be a source of encourage to new believers.
2Tim 4:7
iv) Ask for God's presence

2. Implications of what figure 7 stands for. Luke 9:62

People believe 9 stands for perfection.
However, our concern is what we can see and read from the scriptures
God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day

In every stage of our life, God wants us to know something important
Not everyone that started the race finish well. some will fall on the way side, some will almost reach their destination but still fail.
Our prayer today is that in our journey into the kingdom of God, and our careers, we will finish well in Jesus Name. Amen

Bible characters Samples

Elijah was a man of prayer
1 kings 18.

Elijah entered into a competition with the worshipers of idols as seen in the book of 1 kings
Elijah never followed the multitude. He stood out. Elijah stood alone and was very prayerful
1 kings 18:41

He said he heard the abundance of rain but still he prayed 7 times

The problem with us today is that our spiritual ears are closed.

No matter what you are going through, what can you hear ?

Joshua also stated "as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord"

The problem with us today is that our spiritual ears are closed.
When you are in a battle, no matter how fierce it is, if God is with you, your Victory is guaranteed.
Listen to what God is saying to you.

Prayer for today:

1.Father, perhaps, I started well and performing poorly, please God help me to change and get back on track in Jesus Name.

2.My miracle shall not be aborted.

3.Pray that what will cause you to almost reach your destination but not get there
Seeing the end of the journey but not being able to enjoy it, please God come against this evil in out life.
God help me to fufil my destiny.

Have a blessed Week !

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday 2nd June 2013

Title - Message from God to Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Pastor heard the word of God and had decided to share it with us.

Message from God:
If you are going through a stormy situation, speak the word of the Lord unto the storm.
In the Name of Jesus the peace will come.
He has prayed for us and God will answer our prayers in the Name of Jesus

God also said, we as a church are not grateful enough.
For example, the night of hope came up a success but there was no thanks giving just prayers

The church should come to the Lord with thanksgiving.
(24 hours of thanksgiving)
This will be organised in the church.
When you praise the Lord, He will answer your prayers.
Why not praise Him today ?

Sunday 19th May 2013

Title - A New Life in Christ

Main Text:- Eph 6 

Bible Passages:- Eph 5.22, Eph 5.24

As Christ loved the church,so should we
Husbands should learn to love their wives with good energy. Eph 5:23-25, 28

Learn to share their pains.
Be considerate.
Ask God to help you to be considerate.

Wives need to be submissive to their husbands
Let your life reflect Christ
Eph 5.22, Eph 5.24

Learn to pray for your husband
When there is peace in the home (within husband and wife), children will have peace

So also children should honor their parents as this commandment from God is with a promise.
If you honor your parents, you will live long.
Eph 6:1-3

Parents also do not provoke your children
Eph 6:4

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What to do to make God Happy -Sunday 14th April 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Acts 16:14-16

Charity begins at home

A good wife should make her husbands happy at all times
A good husband should make his wife happy at all times

So also our Husband is Jesus.
And he has commanded us to go and Preach to the world
If you don't do what God has commanded you, you DON'T love him

It is very important to do things that will make God Happy.

1.Praise Him.
You CANNOT neglect any of these

When you make Jesus happy, he will in turn make you happy

God is happy when you win souls for Him.
Remember, There is rejoicing in heaven when a soul is won for God

Jesus came to this world just to save our soul.

He has left this world and now it is up to us to complete what Jesus has started

Don't Judge or condemn those that are not yet saved.

Welcome them into God's house and they will change when you show them love.

There is a reward for everything you do.

You will get a reward for everything you do.
If you win souls for God, you will get
1.Divine Wisdom

2.You will shine like a star
Isiah 60:1

3.Our Crown will be decorated with stars

4.You winning soul

5.God will enable you enter His kingdom
2cor 12.9

6. His Grace will be sufficient for you.
2cor 12.9

How to Evangelize
1.Giving out Tracts
2.Writing letters 2cor2,9
3.Our prayers Acts 16:14-16
4. Communication
a. Your call
b.Text messages
It ALL counts

5.Through our Testimony

6.Our LifeStyle
Our lifesyle could be a means of preaching to the world

Start NOW.
Tomorrow might be too late
John 9.4

Listen to the Holy Spirit.
Do as He directs

When The HolySpirit says Go, you Go.
When the He says Speak, you Speak

May you be blessed as you Evangelize to the world in Jesus Name.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Sense of Shame - Friday 12th April 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Balogun

Main Text:- 2samuel 6:16-22

Jesus Left his throne and died for us on the cross of Calvary
He was focused even though the shame was there.
He ignored the shame and pain on the cross of Calvary just so he can fufil his destiny on Earth.
Jesus was focused on the assignment his father sent him

Point 1.
Senses of Shame:
When we prefer dignity above divinity
Dignity in the sense that
" we begin to feel too big and worry about what people will think about us instead of what Jesus thinks of us"

For example, being ashamed of preaching the gospel.

Point 2:
If you prefer dignity above divinity
We can't focus on God
If Jesus was thinking of what people will say on the cross, he would not have died for you and I.

When we are too cautious about what people feel or say about us, it could have a negative impact.
Take for instance, Michal the wife of David despised her husband in her heart and this caused her to never have children
David was dancing before the Lord but Michal felt he was dancing to the maids
2 sam 6:16-22

Think Twice!
How will Jesus feel about me NOT what will people think
Remember Jesus ignored the shame on the cross for you and I.

Deception of Satan.
He has come to kill to steal and to destroy
John 10:10
So don't fall into his nest of making you think of what people will think of you.

When you are in God's presence,
THROW your dignity away

So what are you waiting for.
Why not praise him ?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Various Types of Power - Sunday 31st March 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Psalm 95:6

1. Political Power
2. Money is Power
3. Power of Darkness
4. Power of choice
5. The power of the cross

 1. Political Power

Flaws of political Power.
a. The power in politics is easily mis-used
E.g Homo-sexualism is now encouraged

2. Money Power

For example, Once Obama became president; his history was traced back to Ireland.
Once he became president, he was highly esteemed here in Ireland also.
Flaws of Money Power.
a. Money can buy you water bed but God gives you sleep
b.Money can buy food but God gives apettite

3. Power of Darkness

Flaws in the Power of Darkness.
Devil does not use his power for the good of anyone.
If God leaves you and I, in the boxing ring with the devil, there is no way we can defeat the devil on our own. But In the name of Jesus, any power of darkness before us will be crumpled.
Mark 5:1-5

4. Power of choice

Joshua 24:15, Rev 3:20
Flaws in the Power of Choice
We might make wrong decisions
Rev 22:12

5.The Power in Resurrection

Characteristics of “The Power in Resurrection”

1.It is a mystery 1cor 1:18

2.Our Salvation is free
If we were to buy salvation, who can afford it ?
 Jer 17:9

3.It gives us Victory

4.The power of the cross Delivers us from the power of Darkness
(sickness, disease, poverty)
1 cor 15:54

5.The power of the cross
Gives us assurance of tomorrow

Sunday, March 10, 2013

10th March 2013

Message Title
Lord remember my family for good

Example of a family favored by God
Noah as an example
Genesis 6:6-8

1.God does not show Favour to just anybody
Remember,God does whatever, pleases him.
He favours those who listen to his word.
For instance,Only the family of Noah found Favour with God during the time of flood because he followed the ways of God.Genesis 6:6-8
Noah was a man of God Gen7:5

2.Esther as another example

One of the reasons why God favored her was because Esther kept herself a virgin (pure and clean)

Outline 3
Be careful of what you say to your children
Be a good example to your children
And Let there be Unity in your home
 (but according to the word of God)
For instance, If Noah's wife was not in unity with her husbands decision, she might have perished in the flood

Noah also went extra mile to ensure his wife and descendants do according to the word of God.
If the family were not in unity and did not go obey the word of God, his family would have perished in the flood also.

Outline 4
Be money wise

There is always a time of famine.

Prayer point for today

1.In Jesus Name, we will obtain God's Mercy

2.May we never experience defeat after victory
Like Noah cursed his children even after God gave him victory Gen 9:20-22:25

3.My wife/mother shall not be a fire estinguisher
Our children and descendatnt shall be saved in Jesus Name

4.My husband/ wife/ children shall not be thorns in my flesh

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Will Smile Again - Friday 10th March 2013

Teacher:- Pastor (Mrs) Hope Orimolusi

Main Text:- Job 1:13-21

Bible Passages:- Psalm 34:19, Isaiah 41:13, 2 Corinthians 1:7

Prayer Points:

1. Lord in time of my trial and distress, please HELP me! Lord please when I'm passing through my tunnel please me my STRENGTH, so that I will not fall and I will not fail, and Your name can be glorified, in Jesus name.

2. Father in the name of Jesus, let my trial and trouble become my stepping stone to my next level of glory, power, promotion and success. I refuse to give up! Ps 34:19

3. Oh Lord please encourage me in my time of distress, despair and trial COMFORT ME, so that I can go out and comfort others, in Jesus name. AMEN. 2 Cor 1:7

4. Oh Lord, please turn around any channel of sorrow, rejection, failure, discouragement in my life, AROUND!

5. Lord, every power militating against the joy of God in my life and in my home, I challenge you and take authority over you in the name of JESUS. You are NOT my portion, LOSE your grip and LET ME GO to serve the Lord.

6. Every hidden gift, glory, destiny, power that the enemy has hidden, I command them ALL to COME FORTH, in Jesus name. I CALL YOU FORTH by the POWER in the Blood of Jesus. I LOOSE myself from the bondage of the enemy, I will ARISE in the name of Jesus.  John 11:38-43

7. Lord unbelievable miracles and breakthroughs that even unbelievers will marvel at, Lord do it in my life, do it in my home, do it in YOUR church in Jesus name! AMEN!

8. Lord I re-position myself from failure to success, from sorrow to joy, from rejection to acceptance, from stagnancy to soaring like an eagle. I walk into my victory, into my breakthrough, into my success in Jesus name, AMEN!

9. I nullify and destroy any evil pronouncement that the enemy has spoken against me. I condemn any evil pronouncement  every evil tongue speaking against all the concerns me in Jesus name AMEN! Lamentations 3:37

10. Every evil work/hand of the enemy in my life and in my destiny WITHER away in Jesus name! AMEN

11. Lord every evil dream that I've ever dreamed, Lord please turn it around for my good. It will not work against me, I nullify them and destroy them by the power in the blood of Jesus. They shall not come to pass in the name of Jesus! AMEN

Any monitoring spirit, and evil gate keeper monitoring me I LIFT YOU UP, I unseat and dethrone you from your sit by the power in the Blood Of Jesus! Psalm 24:7-10

Every monitoring spirit monitoring my progress, wherever you are gathered let the fire of the Holy Spirit CONSUME you, in Jesus name. AMEN!

Every spirit of 'ALMOST REACHING THE , but not there' I come against you! LOSE your grip over my life in Jesus name.

I bleed the blood of Jesus over my life and everything that concerns me. I bleed the blood of Jesus over my answered prayers. I come against every Prince of Persia that wants to prevent me from receiving the answers to my prayer.

Lord I thank You for giving me victory, I thank You for sending celebration my way, I thank You because

I, ___________ (insert name), I will ARISE AND SHINE! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Freedom From Anxiety - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Matthew 6:25-32

Other Texts: Psalm 34:10 

Anxiety is a messenger of death from the devil. Anxiety Is like someone walking carelessly and is suddenly attacked by a monster (the devil). The devil can cause a lot of havoc with anxiety, if we allow him.

Causes of Anxiety

1. Fear of Tomorrow (Isaiah 3:10)
2. Insecurity
3. Circumstances of Life
4. News/Information of people that were UP before and now they are DOWN.

The effect of Anxiety

1. Loss of self worth
2.Uncoordinated Thoughts
3.High Blood Pressure


If you don't deal with what is troubling you, the thing you MOST fear might happen to you. Job 3:25
1. Think of past victories and God's goodness

2. Remember God's promises for your life. Psalm 34:10, Psalm 118:17, Isaiah 8:13

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Appointed Time - Sunday 24th February 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Time is very important to God

Outline 1

Our problems have an expiry date. 

John 5:5, Jeremiah 46:17. A day will come when God in His infinite mercy will visit you and demonstrate His power in your life and situation.

Outline 2

Procrastination is dangerous. 

Even Jesus Christ said that He has to do the work of His Father when it is DAY!  John 9:4. In all we do, especially when instructed to win a soul, don't postpone it! Whatever GOOD thing you want to do, DO NOW! 

Outline 3

Don't run ahead of God

Running ahead of God, can be compared to eating hot soup too quickly, it will BURN your tongue. John 2:4. Don't give God deadlines, it is YOU that needs God not the other way round. Psalm 31:15. 1 Sam 13:10-14. If God has not put us in a position to do something, and we forcefully do it, we will regret it!

Outline 4

The world will end one day

The rich man Vs Lazarus. (Luke 16:19-31).
Both the rich and the poor man died
The rich man could no longer be saved once his time was up on earth
2cor 6.2 salvation is free.
 Don't wait for it to be too late like the rich man in the story of Lazarus.

Outline 5

Today is the day of Salvation

Do not live a double minded life.
Live only for God
Hold unto Jesus only.
You may not be popular today like the rich man was but one day, your good works will be recognised in heaven

Prayer points

1.I will not end my journey in hell.
2.I will reach my goal
3.Jesus, Take my Life and let it be concentrated unto thee.
4.I need you in my Life Jesus.

The Grace