Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fresh Anointing To Conquer

Fresh Anointing To CONQUER - Sunday 13th January 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Psalm 92:10

A story is told of 3 fishes plagued who were plagued by sharks. When given the opportunity to ask God for 1 request, the first fish asked for wings to be able to fly away from the sharks. The second fish asked for eyes all over its to be able to see the sharks coming from afar off. The third fish simply asked for the presence of God to continually be with him. The next time the first fish saw the sharks, it flew out of the ocean and into the pond. The pond soon dried up and the first fish was eaten by birds. The second fish with eyes all over its body stood out and became attractive to not only sharks but other predator fishes and was soon eaten. The third fish swam around the ocean happily, because God's presence protected him.

Anointing signifies the presence of God. It is not only ministers, deacons, pastors that need God's anointing, EVERYBODY needs God's anointing/presence. Anointing confers honour to the one that carries it. When others are dishonoured, when you carry God's presence the aroma of God's honour will be upon you.

The anointing of God makes you untouchable to the enemy. It also attracts blessings. The anointing of God causes all yokes and embargoes on your life to be broken.

Job 1:6. Why do we need fresh anointing? The devil does not need an invitation to do evil against us. To deal with Satan and all his cohorts we need God's presence and anointing. No single human being can stand in a boxing ring with the devil just for a second WITHOUT God's presence.

What can prevent God's fresh anointing in our lives?

1. Relying on old glory and fake assurance - Judges 16:20. We must forget about old things and old anointing.

2. Distractions - 1 Cor 7:35. The devil will bring all sorts of distractions this year. Even your friends or your spouse might bring distractions to you. You must decide that YOU want God's presence. Don't allow anyone to distract you because your head needs fresh anointing. Phil 4:8

3. Prayerlessness. The only person who didn't have to pray on earth was Jesus, and yet Jesus was always praying. How much more us? Luke 22:44. For change to take place in our lives we have to ASK God.

4. Pride will not allow a person to receive fresh anointing. James 4:6, Proverbs 3:34

5. When you befriend a fire extinguisher the little anointing you have will go. Get rid of friends that will not add any value to your life. Love everyone, but CHOSE your friends. Amos 3:3. Don't surround yourself with people that will bring you down. Matt 6:24

6. The sin of immorality, anger, and talkativeness. Psalm 19:14, Eph 4:26-27

7. Not honoring God's word. If the word of God does not have a place in our hearts how do we expect to have fresh anointing?

Prayer Point:- This my head will carry God's anointing and God's grace. This year my life will not remain the same. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prophesy into your life:- This week the presence of the Lord will follow me. The favour of God will locate me,  the joy of God will be my  portion. I will never live my  life in sorrow. In Jesus name. Amen

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Provoking Signs And Wonders In Your Life

Provoking Signs And Wonders In Your Life - Friday 11th January 2013

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- John 4:48

1. Persistent Prayers - Luke 18:1, Mark 10:46-52

2. Uncommon faith - Mark 2:2-5

3. Be surrounded by positive people Mark 2:2-4

4. Humility - Matt 15:21-28

5. Holiness - Mark 2:5

6. Sow - Philippians 4:16-19

7. Praise the Leader/Lord of signs and wonders


Lord PLEASE, let this year 2013 be a year of SIGNS and WONDERS in my life, in Jesus name AMEN!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

P & F, 31st December 2012

  • Opening Prayer

  • Prayer points
    • Lord as we are gathered in your presence, please fill us
    • Tonight, Lord re-position us
    • Lord Open our Heart
    • Lord Sanctify every Vessel you shall use tonight
    • Covenant I have with God, it cannot be broken
    • Call to worship
    • Congregational Hymn
    • Film Intro
    • Film Show: “let my people go”
    • Choir Ministration
    • Word/ Holy Communion 
    • Thanksgiving offering /celebration

  • Announcement
    • Hour of “Travail to Prevail” is 8pm-9pm every  Wednesday.
    •  Please take time out to attend Bible study sessions on Friday evenings  between  6-7.30 p.m.
    • Bible college starting 10 am , January 12 2013
    • Annual thanksgiving service next Sunday, come  dressed gorgeously  to the presence of God.

  • Welcome New Year
  • High praise unto God
  • Benediction

The word
Israelites vs. Egyptians
  • "Let my People Go so they may serve Me"
  • REMEMBER, after your deliverance, do not worship another god.
  • God is NOT an extra wheel

Prayer Points:
  • Tonight I shall pass through the dry land and achieve my destiny.
  • In this year 2013, the Lord will reign in my life
  • Father, every stubborn pursuer against my destiny, let me see them no more