Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday  25th January 2015

Title - Importunity or Persistence in Prayer

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Luke 18:1-10

Bible Passages:- Isaiah 43:26, Luke 9:62, Mt 24.13.

The message of today is especially for those of us who have concluded that there is no need to pray (Luke 18:5)
May the Holy Spirit drop encouragement in our hearts and give us the willingness to pray.

There are moments in our lives we need to stay ALONE with God. (no distractions).
Although Jesus took 3 of his disciples with Him to the mountain (Matt 26:39-44), he had to pray alone begging God that this cup (dying on the cross) will pass away from Him. Yet not His Will but God's Will.

The point Jesus wanted to pass across to us in this passage is that when going before God:
1. Know what you want from God
2. Check if it is the will of God
3. Keep praying till you get answers to your prayers

Why to be persistent in Prayer 

  1. God wants us to keep reminding him of His promises Is 43:26
  2. He may want to check out the level of our patience Lk 9:62
  3. God does not bless halfway Mt 24.13

Have a blessed week.

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