Sunday, March 31, 2019

31st March 2019

Title: Living a purposeful life for divine impact

Preacher: Pastor Stella Toritsemotse

A life lived for self is a wasted life.
Methuselah lived for 969 years, yet not much was said about him.
On the other hand, Jesus lived here on earth for 33 years and his impact lives on today.

As a woman, you are a generation. 2 Tim 1:5
Lois passed her faith to her daughter Eunice, who in turned passed her faith to Timothy.
What legacy are you leaving for your children?

Why did Ruth & Naomi Cleave to each other? (Ruth 1:1-14)
1) They were women of virtue (high moral standard) - 2 Pet 1:5-6.
2) Loyalty and devotion (Ruth 1:16)
3) Faith (Ruth 2:10-11)
4) Obedience: it is a choice. You may be surrounded by people of virtue, but it is a choice to obey godly standards  (2 Tim 1:5)

Happy Mother's Day

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