Sunday, January 28, 2018

28th January 2018 - Sunday Service 

Title: Mercy of God

Main Text:- Exodus 25:10-22

Teacher: Minister Peter Ibadin

The theme of mercy runs through the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation).

From the main Bible text, God gave a perfect description of how he wants "The Ark of Covenant" built.
He gave specific directions of how He wanted it constructed and it's appearance.

Remember, our body is His temple
This proves that He also cares about our appearance and beauty (Ex 25.11, Ex 19:10).
Note, this does not mean we should abuse our temples or exaggerate our focus on appearance

God also gave instructions on how He wanted the Ark transferred from one place to another.
He requested The Levites alone bear it on their shoulders (1 Chron 15.15).
When this instruction was broken (1 Chron 13:6-10), Uzzah paid dearly with his life

In like manner, if you have a zeal for God's work, do it with wisdom
Ignorance is no excuse.
 You may have zeal for God's work, but it must be done with knowledge of how to go about it

Furthermore, the symbol behind carrying the ark from place to place symbolizes that we must carry our Faith everywhere we go (both in private & in public).
Do not be a hypocrite, where you live a completely different lifestyle in the open, and another in the secret.

Contents of the Ark of God (Heb 9:3-5)
Pot of manna - symbolizes how God miraculously provided food for the children of Israel

Aaron's rod
- a) a proof that God chose Aaron and Moses as leaders of Isreal
- b) God does not tolerate rebellion in His House
- c) Memorial of a dry stick that budded and bore fruit (this proves that nothing is too difficult for God)

3) Tables of content -  With the law, there is NO mercy (Heb 10.28)
Understanding we are not perfect, whenever we err, He remains merciful (The mercy seat, Ex 25:22)

In conclusion, although He is a merciful God, please do not take His Mercy for granted (Heb 10.26)

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