Sunday, April 23, 2017

23rd April 2017 

Title - He's Calling You

Teacher:- Deaconess Ruth Ogundipe 

Main Text:- Mark 10:46-52

From the main bible text, Jesus stood still, called Bartimaeus and asked Him "What do you want me to do for you"?
Bartimaeus gave him a straight answer saying "That I receive my sight"

In like manner, if Jesus stood still and asked "What shall I do for you"? Do you have a straight answer for Him?

or would you be like Martha who would only give long complaints? (John 11:1-44)

Jesus is ever ready to take care of your pain, worries and frustrations. 
All you need do is give Him a straight answer when He asks "What do you want me to do for you"? 

In Genesis 3:9, when God asked Adam "Where are you", Adam did not give God a straight answer
He replied "I was naked; and I hid myself".
Because Adam sinned, he hid from God. Don't make that mistake.
No matter how bad your mistakes or past maybe, he still loves you.
Despite Adam's disobedience to God, God himself covered His nakedness Gen 3:21

Another example of someone with a terrible past is Jacob
He was a liar and a deceiver. Despite his past, God transformed him from Jacob to Israel

Likewise, he wants to cover your nakedness, shames, mistakes, regrets and whatever it is that may weigh you down.

The devil may place barriers to stop you from getting God's attention. 
In the case of blind Bartimaeus, people around him were shunning him from calling on Jesus
He didn't let this stop him. Instead he yelled out the more "Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me"

Similarly, Zachaeus knew quite well that his small stature would hinder him from gaining Jesus' attention. 
Rather than going home depressed, he made the effort of climbing a tree to grab Jesus' attention  Luke 19 (1-10)

Irrespective of the barrier in your part, (which could come in the form of laziness, busyness, pain etc), you need to make an effort.
If you diligently seek God, with all of your might, you will find Him Hebrews 11:6

God Bless You!!!

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