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Power in what you eat - Friday 12th July 2013

Main Text:- Matthew 26. 26-30

Food is needed.
Take for example, a pregnant woman's eating habit tends to change as she needs to feed a new life in her.

Food is needed for growth and daily sustenance.
God has created us in His own image. Gen 1.27.
Our body is composed of both our flesh and spirit
Once human dies, the body goes back to dust.
However, God is more interested in our Spirit.
Unfortunately, we humans tend to focus only on our outer apperance (the flesh)
For example, we worry if we are putting on weight, our cholesterol level etc
Today, our focus (the word) is on the food to eat to improve the spirit.

Different ways to feed to body
1. Through the Mouth
2. Our eyes
3.Our Ears
4.Our Nose

1. Through the Mouth (Prov 18.21)

Jesus was tempted by the devil to eat bread
Jesus quickly realized He is not suppose to focus on physical food but on the spiritual word of God. 

You will eat bread today and go hungry tomorrow. However the word of God is everlasting.
Hence he said "man shall not eat by bread only"

The devil wanted to take what Jesus had.
Devil was trying to get the bread of Life out of Him

2.Through our Ears (Ezekiel 2.2) 

Be careful the spirit that speaks to your ears.
Some people cannot and will not speak positivity life into your life
Also be careful of the news you

3.Through your nose (Lev 26.31)

What does God smell of you?
Pray that every smell that the devil has placed on you that caused the Lord not to accept your offering, may it be removed in Jesus Name. Amen

Gen 27.27.
The moment Issac perceived the smell of Esau even though it was actually Jacob, he blessed Jacob.
As Issac perceived Jacob was Esau.
Phil 4.18

 4.Through our Eyes(Gen 13.14)

If your eyes cannot see, then you cannot go beyond what you see.

People are limited because they can't see beyond.
Don't let the devil limit you

Dream BIG so you can Earn BIG

1sam 17.17

David is a character in the bible that dream t BIG.
David was asking for the reward he will receive once he defeats Goliath.
 He dreamed Big And Earned big. He was able to Kill Goliath because he dreamed BIG
Don't associate yourself with people that can't speak positivity in your life.
David's elder brother tried to discourage him from fighting Goliath but he pressed forward

Take another example Esau sold his birth right.
He was careless with the words of his mouth and what he ate.
Gen 25.32-34
Esau ate his destiny with his mouth.

Pray that God will renew your destiny today because there is power in the blood of Jesus

Remain Blessed in Jesus Name. 

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