Sunday, October 21, 2018

21st of October 2018

Title: You are the light of the world

Main Text: Matthew 5;14-15

Preacher: Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Seven Different Grades of Light

1) Candle Light:
- It is very weak, feeble and it burns briefly (doesn't last forever)
- Some Christians would fall into this category.
- Such Christians come to church only when they want to get something from God
- Treat God as a spare wheel and enjoy living a worldly life.
- If you fall into this category, you are more than likely influenced by bad company

2) Lantern Light (Matt 25:1-13)
- Limited range of illumination
- Light only illuminates based on the quantity of oil in the lantern
- Once the oil runs out, light goes out.
- Such Christians are saved, but never witness to others, rather hide their identity
- Another feature of such Christians is that, they do not fellowship where they would hear the true word of God. E.g bible study, daily fellowship with God
- Example would be the five foolish virgins in the book of Matthew 25:1-13

3) Electricity Light (Matthew 16:22-23)
- It is very strong and bright, BUT, it could be switched off
- Such Christians are subject to discouragement
- Prone to anger and bitterness
- Very Unforgiving
- Don't check with God before taking decisions

4) Moon Light (Numbers 23, Mt 18:3)
- Gives light to others, but does not have light of its own-self
- Such Christians are great evangelist/preachers, whose efforts benefit others while they live a life of frustration.
- They can be described as teachers that preach the gospel but don't practice what they preach "Do as I say but not do as I do".
- Such Christians are like bus conductors, they show the way to salvation, but make no effort to go in.
- An example are the pharisees (religious leaders)

5) Sun Light
- Produces its own light
- Such Christians don't keep their mouth shut about the word of God
- anywhere they go, they show the light
- They also carry out self examination and evaluation of themselves frequently

6) Star Light
- Shine wherever they go
- Incurable soul winners (don't give up easily on a soul)
- Neither do they repay evil for evil

7) Pure White Light (2 Tim 4:7, Gen 5:21-24, Acts 7:60)
- Perfect as their Master (Jesus)

Examine yourself, which category do you fall into?

Have a blessed week.

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