Friday, March 8, 2013

I Will Smile Again - Friday 10th March 2013

Teacher:- Pastor (Mrs) Hope Orimolusi

Main Text:- Job 1:13-21

Bible Passages:- Psalm 34:19, Isaiah 41:13, 2 Corinthians 1:7

Prayer Points:

1. Lord in time of my trial and distress, please HELP me! Lord please when I'm passing through my tunnel please me my STRENGTH, so that I will not fall and I will not fail, and Your name can be glorified, in Jesus name.

2. Father in the name of Jesus, let my trial and trouble become my stepping stone to my next level of glory, power, promotion and success. I refuse to give up! Ps 34:19

3. Oh Lord please encourage me in my time of distress, despair and trial COMFORT ME, so that I can go out and comfort others, in Jesus name. AMEN. 2 Cor 1:7

4. Oh Lord, please turn around any channel of sorrow, rejection, failure, discouragement in my life, AROUND!

5. Lord, every power militating against the joy of God in my life and in my home, I challenge you and take authority over you in the name of JESUS. You are NOT my portion, LOSE your grip and LET ME GO to serve the Lord.

6. Every hidden gift, glory, destiny, power that the enemy has hidden, I command them ALL to COME FORTH, in Jesus name. I CALL YOU FORTH by the POWER in the Blood of Jesus. I LOOSE myself from the bondage of the enemy, I will ARISE in the name of Jesus.  John 11:38-43

7. Lord unbelievable miracles and breakthroughs that even unbelievers will marvel at, Lord do it in my life, do it in my home, do it in YOUR church in Jesus name! AMEN!

8. Lord I re-position myself from failure to success, from sorrow to joy, from rejection to acceptance, from stagnancy to soaring like an eagle. I walk into my victory, into my breakthrough, into my success in Jesus name, AMEN!

9. I nullify and destroy any evil pronouncement that the enemy has spoken against me. I condemn any evil pronouncement  every evil tongue speaking against all the concerns me in Jesus name AMEN! Lamentations 3:37

10. Every evil work/hand of the enemy in my life and in my destiny WITHER away in Jesus name! AMEN

11. Lord every evil dream that I've ever dreamed, Lord please turn it around for my good. It will not work against me, I nullify them and destroy them by the power in the blood of Jesus. They shall not come to pass in the name of Jesus! AMEN

Any monitoring spirit, and evil gate keeper monitoring me I LIFT YOU UP, I unseat and dethrone you from your sit by the power in the Blood Of Jesus! Psalm 24:7-10

Every monitoring spirit monitoring my progress, wherever you are gathered let the fire of the Holy Spirit CONSUME you, in Jesus name. AMEN!

Every spirit of 'ALMOST REACHING THE , but not there' I come against you! LOSE your grip over my life in Jesus name.

I bleed the blood of Jesus over my life and everything that concerns me. I bleed the blood of Jesus over my answered prayers. I come against every Prince of Persia that wants to prevent me from receiving the answers to my prayer.

Lord I thank You for giving me victory, I thank You for sending celebration my way, I thank You because

I, ___________ (insert name), I will ARISE AND SHINE! 

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