Sunday, March 19, 2017

19th March 2017

Title - From Bitterness to Sweetness

Teacher:- Minister John 

Main Text:- Ruth 1:20

Types of Bitterness 

1) Financial Mess Prov 10.15
2) Spiritual Prov (14:10)
3) Marital Problem (Ruth 1:20)
4) Sickness (your health) 2 Kings 5:1-19 & Is 38:1-5
5) Academic failure (Ex 14 & Ex 15:1-22)

Why Did God Cause the Isrealites to experience "Marah"

1) So he could prove himself as a healer
2) He wants them to totally depend on him
3) Because He wants us to have testimonies (remember, with no cross, no crown, no trial means no testimony)
4) To Strengthen us to get to our promised land

What do we have to do for Sweetness to Come

1) Patience Heb 6:12
2) Obedience & knowing the God You serve (Ex 6:6-8)
3) Go to Bethel (The place of prayer) - Ruth 1:20-21
4) Discover your purpose of being in Marah (Praise & Worship Him)
5) Finally for sweetness to come to Marah, there is a stick or tree thrown into the water. Ex 15:25. The stick represents destiny helpers. For Naomi & Ruth, their destiny helper was Boaz. For You and I, Jesus Christ our destiny helper. He is the only one able to turn bitterness into sorrow.

1} Father, every area or any area I have been experiencing bitterness, Lord turn it to testimony today 

2} Father, don't let my own case be difficult please Lord show me your mercy.

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