Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday 2nd of  February 2014 (First Service)

Title - The Purpose Of Our Living

Main Text:-  Rev 4:11

Teacher:- Pastor (Mrs) Hope Orimolusi.

Why am I on this earth? Why am I a Christian? Why am I a woman/man? Why didn't God make me a piece of wood? Or a chair? God created us in His own image. He created us for a purpose. Rev 4:11

We may be asking ourselves if anything good can still come out of our lives. As long as God is still on the throne, God has a purpose for our lives and He will cause it to come to pass.

Why did God create us?
1. You were created, FOR God, to know God and live for Him. God created us for His own pleasure. The life you are living is not yours. Anything out of living for God is useless. Nobody is praying to die, but it is a debt that everyone has to pay. Let us ask ourselves the question 'If I close my eyes in death now, who will welcome me home?' Live your life for the glory by loving Him with all your heart, mind and might. Deut 10:12 1 Cor 10:21, Gen 6:6.

When you make God the number one thing in your life, He will go out of His way to make you happy. 

Prayer Point: Lord please help me to fulfill Your purpose for creating me. Lord please show me mercy and help me to please You. 

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