Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday 8th November 2013 (Night Vigil)

Title - "When my faith is challenged,"

Main Text:- Ex 15: 1-3

Bible Passages:- Phil 2.14, Numbers 14.28, Ecc 5.2, Ex 15.1-3, Ex 16.3

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Regardless of who you are, it is compulsory that our faith in Jesus will be tested.
Situations, poverty lack etc..could be challenging.

There are situations in life that have being challenging to Christians.
for example, the General Overseer was tempted.
3 of his children were delivered by operation.
He was warned by the doctors that his wife should terminate the pregnancy.
However, because of the fear of Jesus in Him, he refused to terminate the child.

When it was time for his wife to deliver to 4th child, she was in labor for days.
The devil tempted him saying his wife will die with the pregnancy.
Pastor Adeboye told the devil "with God all things are possible"
Immediately, he saw the light of God and the child was delivered safely.

Whatsoever you are going through, remember it could be a test.
Many people may get it wrong.
When unpleasant situations come their way, they question God.

When my faith is challenged,
1. I must NOT murmur Phil 2.14

When my faith is challenged,
2. I must not speak rashly Numbers 14.28, Ecc 5.2

When my faith is challenged,
3.Always think of one Good thing God has done for you
If we are thoughtful, we will be grateful
Ex 15.1-3, Ex 16.3

When my faith is challenged,
4.Remember there is an expiry date for everything Jer 46.17

When your faith is challenged,
5.Speak out your victory 1sam 17: 45-46

When my faith is challenged,
6.Cultivate the habit of giving thanks to God Ps 34.1

When my faith is challenged,
7.Remember God cannot lie
Numbers 23.19

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