Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday 8th December 2013 (First Service)

Title - "Standing on the promises of God,"

Main Text:- Isiah 45: 9 - 13, 1cor 1:20, Numbers 23.19.

Bible Passages:- Proverbs 13:12

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

God can never be compared to man.

1. God is our creator.

Is it possible for the clay to dictate to the Potter how he wishes to be created ?

Human's are always dis-appointed because we tend to put our trust in man.
Humans are completely limited, but God's hand are not shortened to rescue us

Comparison between God and man.

1.God never slumbers
2. God never fails. Num 23.19
3.God lives forever

How do we know the promises of God in our lives ?
Answer: Through the word of God.
Remember humans can lie, but God never lies.
He exalt His word above his Name.

How do we know the promises of God in our lives
 (when we are troubled concerning)?
1. Life partner (remind God He has said in His word, it is not good for a man to be alone)
2. Health of our children Is 54.13
3. Salvation of your soul Acts 16.31
4. Lack (He is Jehovah Jireh~)
If we can only hold unto God's word, we will never be dissapointed.

However, Remember there is always a condition attached to receiving God's promise in our lives.
Remember in the book of 1sam 2:28-30.  though God has promised Eli there will always be a priest in his lineage, because of his Children's transgressions, this promise was cut short.

If God makes a promise to us, we must still Honor Him and server Him, then God's promise will surely come to pass.
Do not make the same mistake Eli made with his children as this caused him to loose God's promise in his life.

Remain blessed

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