Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday 16th of  February 2014 (First Service)

Title - Call to Make an Impact

Main Text:-  Genesis 12:1-3

Other Bible passages: Daniel 12:4

Teacher:-  Doctor Hope

Being called to make an impact means stepping aside to make a difference
Abraham is a good example of someone called by God to make an impact in life.
He was called from his country to depart to an unknown land as God instructed him.
He was willing to leave his background ( the life of idolatary) to be drawn closer to God.
As God called Abraham, so also God is looking for people that will worship Him in spirit and in truth

Will you be that vessel of honor, santified for the master's use only?
Will you be different as Daniel chose to stand out for God ?
Will you stand for God so he could use you for his Glory?

If you are willing, pray along with us

Prayer point: Lord make me a vessel of Impact.
May you be santified for the master's use only in Jesus Name.

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