Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday 9th of  February 2014 (Second Service)

Title - Our Love for God shall be tested

Main Text:-  1 Corinthians 13: 1-10

Other Bible passages: Proverbs 8: 17-18, John 3:16, Matthew 26:41, Gen 22: 4-17

Teacher:-  Pastor Paul Orimolusi

The main text  (1 cor 13:1-10) lists the characteristics of love. It is very important we demonstrate our love to God and man.

Characteristics of Love.

Love Gives:

In the book John 3:16, the bible tells us God so loved the world he allowed his only Son die for us.
His Son (Jesus) was also willing to yield himself as a sacrifice for our sins.
He paid the debt he did not owe just for us.

Also, in the book of Genesis 22: 4-17, it narrates the story of Abraham willing to give up his only son just to prove his love for God.
Note that Abraham was classified as a friend of God, yet his love for God was tested.
Abraham had waited for 25 years to have this promised child yet God asked him to sacrifice his only child.
God only made this request to see how much Abraham loved God.

The book of James 1:12  states that anyone who passes the test, such person will receive the crown of life. Don't be discouraged when you are tried or tested. Remember there is a crown awaiting you.

Have a blessed Week!!!

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