Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday 13th July 2014

Title - Order My Steps

Teacher:- Pastor PaulHope Orimolusi

Main Text:- Romans 8:9

Bible Passages:- Numbers 14.34, Genesis 13:9-18.

As soon as a baby is born, his/her journey commences.
There are bumps in our journey
It may be in relation to our business, marriage, jobs etc

Why do presidents need various counsellors ?
There are decision in life that may even confuse the president and he will require advice.
Just to ensure he is on the right track

The sad part of it is that so many dreams have been shattered as a result of "lack of navigation".
Do not loose hope. God can retrace our steps even when we have missed.

Leading Entities that hinder our Journey in life
1. Flesh
2. Evil spirit

Any one who yields to any of the above cannot have their steps ordered by God.

Consequences of not having your steps ordered by God.
- The journey of life for such individual will be elongated Num 14.34
Such person may not even reach his destination. 

- Will always walk by Sight Gen 13.10-14
They tend to follow the multitude instead of seeking God. 
Remember not everything that glitters is gold.

On the other hand, if your steps are ordered by God,
 - such individual's potentials will be maximized
- Will not become a liability rather an asset  Matt 25: 14-30
- Will feel fufilled Luke 18:28-30
- Will never enter into satanic ditch Gen 13:8-18

Even if you have missed your destination and have no hope, remember with God all things are possible
God can retrace our steps even when we have missed our steps.

Run unto Him and He will help you.

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