Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday 27th November 2016

Title - Fear Not

Teacher:-  Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Main Text:- Isaiah 41.10

Fear is a monstrous spirit that terrorizes people. 

What Fear Can do to a person 
1) It makes something fake appear real
2) It could paralyze an indivual
3) It torments 1 John 4.18
4) It can imprison a person
5) It is filled with negativity

Why are people afraid 
1) Lack of Faith in God Heb 11:1&6
2) Not Knowing what the future holds
3) Evil Report(s)

Why you shouldn't fear 
1) What you fear may become a god
2) When fear, You belittle god 
3) What you fear may eventually Job 3:25

How to overcome fear
Be Righteous John 8.29

Prayer Point
Ex 23.27 & Deut 2:25, Ps 23.4

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