Sunday, July 1, 2018

1st of July 2018 - Sunday Service Sermon 

Title: The Internal Enemy

Main Text:- Isaiah 3:10-11

Preacher: Pastor Paul Orimolusi

God has assured us that he would help us with the external enemy. However, he needs our co-operation to deal with the internal enemy

What are the Internal Enemies?
1) Envy and Jealousy (James 3:16)
2) Bitterness and unforgiveness (Heb 12.15)
3) Deadly Poisons (Prov 23:31-33)
4) Stingyness (Ecc 11:6)
5) Pride and Ego (Dan 4:28-31)
6) Immorality (Prov 6:26)
7) Theft (John 12:5-6, Mal 3:8)
8) Wrath/Anger (Prov 22.24, Jm 1:20)

Search your heart, examine yourself
If you fail to kill any of these internal enemies, it could destroy you eventually.

Have a blessed week

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