Thursday, June 21, 2018

21st of June 2018 - Thursday Service Sermon 

Title: Overcoming The Storms of Life

Main Text:- Psalms 93 

Other bible texts: Jonah 1

Preacher: Pastor Kayode Ojo

A storm is something that controls your life against your wish (Acts 27:15).

It even causes you to lose everything you  have. (Acts 27:18)
Wind can bring storm, and if you sin, it's like fueling the storm
Unforgiveness could also attract storms in your life.

How to overcome The Storm
1) Flee sin
2) Do not fear 
3) Have faith in God
4) Deal with the source (Mk 4:39)
5) Once the source is dealt with, deal with the issue itself
6) Prevail In Prayer
7) Divine Intervention (Jhn 6:21)

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