Saturday, September 22, 2018

21st of September 2018 

Title: Raising Godly Standards

Main Text: Ezekiel 22:23-30

Preacher: Pastor Daniel Gbolahan

A standard is an authorized sample. It could also be defined as a Rule used "as a basis" for judgement.

Jesus did not come to earth for us to have material wealth. 
Rather he valued our souls and was willing to sacrifice himself (to redeem us from hell)

However, in our main texts, (Ez 22 vs 25), God was displeased with the prophets of old because they "devoured souls"

How so? "They have taken the treasure and precious things". 
Please note, when God refers to something precious, he is not talking about money or material wealth.
What God considers precious is our soul.
Hence by depriving the word of God to guide the people (souls), they have made many women widows

Fact is, the truth sometimes hurt, and we avoid people who tell us the truth. 
So to please people, the priest  may hide the truth from the children of Isreal.

Verse 26 tells us the prophets profaned holy things and put no clear distinction between the clean and unclean.

God was really angry with the prophets, yet he remains merciful. He was seeking someone to stand in the gap and pray for the nation?

When God wanted to destroy Sodom, notice he discussed the matter with Abraham. He knew that Abraham would stand in the gap for the nation. Gen 18:17-33

Are you praying for your nation? 

Are you raising a godly standard?

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