Sunday, September 9, 2018

9th of September 2018 

Title: Prayer

Main Text: Daniel 6:10

Preacher: Minister Samuel Oyekan

Prayer should be taken seriously, just like breathing.
If a person stops breathing, he/she dies.
Likewise, a prayerless life, is like a dead christian life

Prayers that are pleasing God

1) Die to your flesh (i.e. put an end to bad character/old sinful nature such as cursing, backbiting etc.) Phil 3:10
2) Praying God's perfect will his done. (Mt 6:10)
3) Prayers according to His scripture (John 9:31)

Today's Key Points

1) Time spent in prayer is never wasted
2) Prayer should not be used as a means to seek help only , rather to seek God
3) Prayer is like breathing. It unites our soul to God
4) Prayer without faith is a sin
5) Prayer is the cry of Hope
4) It is a channel of all blessings 
5) The more prayer = more power, little prayer = little power
6) nothing is impossible with God
7) Do not face a day, until you face God

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