Sunday, November 11, 2018

11th of November 2018

Title: Destroying the alter of affliction

Main Text: Acts 27:14

Preacher: Pastor Paul Orimolusi

Affliction is anything that causes us pain in our heart
In severe circumstances, it could cause you to lose faith in God.

Types of Affliction

1) Wind of affliction (Acts 27:10)
2) Flood of affliction : capable of destroying lives and properties (Rev 12:13-17) - It could come in many forms E.g, an attack to your health, finance etc.
3) Fire of affliction 

Causes Of Affliction

1) Disobedience (Is 48.18)
2) Breaking hedge (Ecc 10:8)
3) God wants to showcase His glory (Ps 34:19, John 9:1-3, Dan 3:16-30, Ps 34.19)
4) To catch your attention (Is 48:18) 

Are you suffering from affliction

1) repair the broken alter of The Lord (Ecc 10:8, Judges 2:14-16)
2) Run to Jesus (Mt 11:28)
3) Stay in His cover (Ps 91:1)

God is capable of destroying the alter of affliction
Run to Him today

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