Sunday, December 30, 2012

P & F, 30th December

  1. Worker's meeting
  2. Sunday school
  3. Call to Worship
  4. Congregational Prayer
  5. Congregational Hymn
  6.  Announcement 
  7. Holy Communion tomorrow 
  8. Tithe and Offering
  9. Choir Ministration
  10. The Word

Pray against Stagnation and Multiple disasters

Sources of Trouble
  • Self Inflicted
  • From Satan’s monitoring agents
  • God may permit trouble to manifest his Glory in our lives. E.g. Job

Prayer points
  •  Every Instrument put in place to frustrate me, become impotent
  • Every spirit of Balaam standing against my progress, I cast you out
  • Every Spiritual chain/padlock hindering my progress shall be roasted
  • I will not be frustrated
  • My Country shall enjoy Peace
  • The Lord Shall make everything work out in my Favour
  • Every power that has vowed not to make me enjoy peace over my family such power shall die
  • I claim multiple successes in the Name of Jesus
  • Father Your declaration in my life shall come to pass
  • Prayer against stagnation
  • Prayer against Multiple Disasters
  • Any package of sorrow against my life, it shall be broken in Jesus Name


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