Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday 11th June 2013

Title - Sources of Bondage

Main Text:- Gen 1:31, Gen 3.1,  Gen 3.24,

Bible Passages:- Micah 7.6, 

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Grace Okorende

When God Created the world. He made everything good
Genesis 1.31
However Satan came to ruin the good thing God had made.
Gen 3.1

Sources of Bondage


Sin is an agreement with the devil to disobey God.
John 8.44
Our actions can bring bondage into our lives.
Take Reuben as an example, even he was refereed to an "excellence" but his birth right was cursed because he went to bed with his father's mother.
Gen 49:3-4
1 chronicles 5.1


Take Ananias and Sappira as an example.
They were killed because of thier actions
Acts 5:-5


Not paying your tithe is stealing
Sin, no matter how small can ruin a lot
SIN brings bondage!!!!

Sin is sin.no matter how small. when you sin, you are opening door to bondage.
For example, a very responsible lady just had a sip of alcohol and that was the door to her bondage.

Another example was of a girl who was devoted to God.
Her mother offended her and she harbored un-forgiveness in her heart.
She was cursed by an impersonating spirit that drained her of her blood.
Those demons caused her to drink washing up liquid as water.
The evil spirit kept on saying she is a fervent child of God however,they still got through to her by her husband (he did evil against his wife) and she carried this ache in her heart.
Pray that God will give you the Grace to guard your heart
Don't be deceived.Prov 19.19

Sources of Bondage

2. Covenant of our Fathers. Jer 35.1-10

The moment you give your life to Jesus, all covenant with power of darkness will be broken
However, if you open your life to sin or anything that is unpleasing to God, the covenant will find its way back into your life.
Parental covenant can put us into bondage.
Guard your heart!!!
Guard your heart!!!
In some families, they have being cursed to be nobody. This can only affect children of God if we open up to  sin

Sources of Bondage

3)Bondage through family member

Bondage can come through you own family but it will not work on you if you are upright.
Judges15:1-2, Judges15:9-13,Micah 7.6

Sources of Bondage!

4)Known & Unknown personal covenant.

You might have even being to a church that you believe was a real church of God but was of the devil.
The devil could show himself like angel of light when indeed he is just a deceiver.
One way or the other, he has lured so many people to taking covenant known and unknown to them.
Also, Every attitude that is not of God brings demons (bondage) in your life.

Solution:Take Authority.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you
Pray that Holy Spirit will replace that area that the demon has left.

In conclusion, run from sin.
It is a reproach. Just a little sin can bring bondage into the lives of both believers and non believers.
Ask Jesus to send his comforter the Holy Spirit to help as none of us can do it on our own.

May you be blessed as you do.

Have a blessed week

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