Sunday, June 16, 2013

Message Title:

The Re-position Head

The head represents you.
The head talks and represents your destiny
Gen 37: 3- 37

Take Joseph as an example, he had a great dream however before his dream came to pass he went through many challenges

Fathers, there is a role you ought to play.
Storms will always be there however, God will reposition you today.
These storms of life could be very discomforting however By the special Grace of God you will make it.

Judges 11.
Another example as seen in the bible, Jephtah was a man that was the son of a prostitue however because he was destined for greatnes, his brothers that threw him out went back out to call him for help.

Remember, every great person has gone through some sort of storm but just hold on and keep your focus on Jesus.
He will make a way.
God will make us the head in Jesus Name

Responsibilities of Fathers
1.Work (bread winner)
2. Home Runner
3.Educator of your Children
4.Love your wife
Gen 3.16

Eph 5.23
Fathers leave a legacy for your children as they will look up to you

Happy Father's Day :)

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