Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday 13th October 2013 (Sunday Service)

Title - "I am becoming a wonder to my generation"

Main Text:- Prov 30:18-19a

Bible Passages:- Psalm 71:7, Psalms 89:20, Judges 15: 14-17

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

The reason why God carries you on His wings, is to teach you how to fly!!!

The same way the mother eagle teaches the eaglet how to fly, so also God wants to transform us from Eaglet to Eagles.

Nothing can attack an eagle however an eaglet can be attacked
The only threat the eaglet has is the serpent.
That is why God is trying to transform you from the eaglet phase to become an Eagle.

However, if the eaglet is trapped in the snake's snare, the Eagle will come to rescue its baby by taking the snake up to a high height, rip its head off and drop it down.
That is how God will treat the devil on your behalf.

Still God wants us to become Eagles. If you become an Eagle, you will become a wonder
Prov 30:18 - 19a 

Joshua is an example of an Eagle.
He told the sun to stand still and the sun obeyed.
It takes an eagle to operate in that dimension.

There is an annoting to being a wonder. You will be totally transformed from one phase to another. No one is born a wonder. However, you can become a wonder.Psalm 71.7
For instance, no one is born a doctor, you are transformed to become a doctor at some stage in your life.

What does it mean to be a wonder?
To become a WHOA!
People begin to say "there is something different about that man".

For example, when David was running away from Saul in the wilderness/cave, lots of worthless men came to him to make him their master.
However, because they associated themselves with David (a wonder), they were later referred to as "Mighty Men"

In order to become a wonder, you need to get the God of wonder into your life.
The presence of the wonder of God can do many good things in your life.

Ingredients that make you a wonder

1.The annointing

When anointing comes upon a man, he becomes a wonder Psalm 89.20
David used a stone to kill Goliath whom the mighty men of war could not face.
Even though it might be a small stone, the anointing of God was on that stone which made it kill Goliath.
In the human eye, the stone is harmless and silly to use against a mighthy warrior.
However, because God was with David, the stone led to Goliath's downfall.

2.The Spirit of God

Examples of people in the Bible that had the spirit of God will be the Apostles
The Spirit of God was upon them that even made a sorcerer (Simon) offer the apostles money for the Spirit of God Acts 18:18-19

Samson was able to kill a thousand men with just the jawbone of an ass.
In human sense, it is impossible but because the Spirit of God came upon Him, he was able to defeat a thousand.


Lord annoint me with your Holy Oil
Let your Spirit be upon me.

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