Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday 11th October 2013 (Worker's meeting)

Title - "How I bore you on eagle's wings"

Main Text:- Exodus 32: 10- 12

Bible Passages:- Exodus 19.14

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

"How I bore you on eagle's wings" Ex 19.4
This sentence in the Bible guarantees the height and speed you will fly/operate

The height the eagle flies is higher than any other bird
That means as a worker or minister, your height and speed should differ from others.

The height and speed the eagle operates is beyond human understanding
Ex 19.4 explains God is both the flight, journey and destination

Everything God does is to bring you to Himself

To us, the children of Israel were walking on bear land. However, God actually bear them on Eagle's wings

This means the children of Israel were being carried (on Eagle's Wings)

Carry Me Oh Lord!!!

The wings by which the children of Israel were carried were wings of power.
(not weak wings) Ex 32.11

The Lord is willing to carry us on wings of power.
With the power of God, you begin to operate in a supernatural mode
Super natural was derived from 2 word
Superior - Superior to the natural

Super natural reverses the irreversible.
Every human will believe when they see the super natural

You do not need to be a pastor or minister before you can operate in the super natural realm
Remember!The Lord is willing to carry US on wings of power.
It is not an exclusive right to Title

What is the importance of operating in the Super natural realm
1.Carrying the power of God makes soul winning easy.
2.It helps to sanctify the church

Supernatural means it over rules and overrides the natural

Are you prepared to soar on Eagle's Wings ?

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