Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday 12th October 2013 (Worker's meeting)

Title - "The Eagle Diet"

Main Text:- Deuteronomy  32:10-12

Bible Passages:- Hosea 4.6, Joshua 1:8, 1 cor 10: 3-4

Teacher:- Pastor Moses Omoviye

Let us study the relationship between the Eagle and Eaglet:
The reason why the mother Eagle carries the baby eagle on it's wings, is to teach the baby how to fly

So also, God is teaching you how to fly. Even when you feel like He lets go, He hasn't! 
He is there to catch you lest you fall.
He wants to ensure you can soar.

When the Eagle goes out for a meal, he goes out for what he wants NOT what he finds
That means, before it sets out for its meal, it already has his meal planned.

The Eagle stays up in its flight until it finds what it wants to eat.
Then it dives down to take its devour its prey

In order to fly high as a spiritual Eagle, you need to eat the Word (The Word of God)
Hosea 4:6, Joshua 1:8

If you know how to work the Word, it will work for you.
Even Jesus engaged his battle (the temptation) with the Word of God
Matthew 4.4

Take for instance, when you eat Rice, the enzymes in your body will break it down and it becomes energy so also, When you eat spiritual food, your spiritual enzymes will break it down and it becomes Faith.
Remember, without Faith, no man can please God.

If you know the word, and you know how to work it, it will make you a high flier.

If you go somewhere without God's approval, you will pay the fare!!! Joshua 1:3

To abide: means to wait patiently for.., to accept the word without objection, to remain fixed

When you are confident to say,
God said it
I believe it
That settles it.
That means you are abiding in His word

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