Friday, January 13, 2017

13th January 2017 - Friday Night Vigil

Title - Dreams

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi

God has several means of communicating with us. It could be through his word, visions, dreams etc.
Today, we would discuss dreams

Outline 1:

  • What does the term 'Dream' mean?

Outline 2:

  • Sources of Dreams

Outline 3:

  • Operations of Dreams/ How Dreams Work

Outline 4:

  • The Involvment of Jesus in all our dreams

What does the term 'Dream' mean?

- It is something both children and adults experience during our sleep
- It could also be your aspirations in life (i.e. what you yearn to become)

Sources of Dreams

1) Could come from multiple activities Ecc 5:3 &7

The Implications of this source
  • It is not a reliable source
  • The devil could manipulate your thoughts to his advantage (Flesh is magnified)

2) It could come through satanic agents

The Implications of this source
  • The devil uses this as a medium to implant sicknesses, diseases and other evil things into a person's life
  • The devil uses this as a medium terrorize a person 
  • Could cause a person to have sexual intercourse unwillingly in their sleep
  • The devil uses this as a medium to destroy a person's destiny

3) It could come through God Almighty

The Implications of this source
  • It comes with peace & joy. The purpose is to guide and direct your path. Isaiah 30.21
  • A medium to warn us of what is to come/impending (future) Gen 41:1-36, Gen 20:1-10
  • A medium to tell us about God's promises
  • To punish every enemy our soul Matthew 27.19
  • A medium to comfort and encourage those that love God
  • A medium to avoid the bait of the devil (Matthew 2:13-19)

Key Point

  • If you have good dreams, pray it to reality
  • You don't have to tell everyone about your dreams cause not everyone that smiles with you wishes you well Gen 37.5
  • Don't ignore bad dreams. Pray it doesn't come to reality Isaiah 7.7

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