Sunday, January 22, 2017

22nd January 2017

Title - Remember me Oh Lord

Teacher:- Pastor Mrs Hope Orimolusi

There is no one on earth that is not going through one challenge or the other.
God indeed sees when you are going through difficulties, however, he wants you to talk to Him about it.

It is not that God has forgotten, but he desires that we remind Him of His promises to us
He is the Almighty God  who can do all things and bring to pass what he has promised.

A Biblical Example of someone God remembered is king Hezekiah.

Why God answered his prayers
a) He Prayed Is 38:2b
b) He poured out his heart to God Is 38.3
c) He had a perfect heart Ps 24:3-4
d) He walked with God in truth Ps 38:3
e: He did what was good in His sight

What God can remember you for:
1) God can remember your righteousness and perfect heart Is 38.3
2) He can remember His covenant with you Ex 2.24
3) He can remember your offerings Acts 10:1-4
4) He can remember your prayers Gen 19.29 Luke 1:5-13
5) He can remember your sacrifices and offering Neh 5.19 & 13.14
6) He can remember His Word concerning you Is 41.21, Is 43.26

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