Sunday, March 10, 2013

10th March 2013

Message Title
Lord remember my family for good

Example of a family favored by God
Noah as an example
Genesis 6:6-8

1.God does not show Favour to just anybody
Remember,God does whatever, pleases him.
He favours those who listen to his word.
For instance,Only the family of Noah found Favour with God during the time of flood because he followed the ways of God.Genesis 6:6-8
Noah was a man of God Gen7:5

2.Esther as another example

One of the reasons why God favored her was because Esther kept herself a virgin (pure and clean)

Outline 3
Be careful of what you say to your children
Be a good example to your children
And Let there be Unity in your home
 (but according to the word of God)
For instance, If Noah's wife was not in unity with her husbands decision, she might have perished in the flood

Noah also went extra mile to ensure his wife and descendants do according to the word of God.
If the family were not in unity and did not go obey the word of God, his family would have perished in the flood also.

Outline 4
Be money wise

There is always a time of famine.

Prayer point for today

1.In Jesus Name, we will obtain God's Mercy

2.May we never experience defeat after victory
Like Noah cursed his children even after God gave him victory Gen 9:20-22:25

3.My wife/mother shall not be a fire estinguisher
Our children and descendatnt shall be saved in Jesus Name

4.My husband/ wife/ children shall not be thorns in my flesh

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