Sunday, August 26, 2018

26th of August 2018 - Youth Service 

Title: A New Thing (Part 2)

Main Text: Isaiah 43:18-19

Preacher: Minister Maureen Ihua

There are certain actions that need to be met to invoke God's Spirit
One of the actions to take is the act of Sacrifice.

We can see an example in the book of 1 Kings 18:25-38.
After Elijah repaired the alter of God, and offered sacrifice upon it, God's presence descended from heaven.

Similarly, Solomon, in the book of (2 Chron 1:6-7), after offering a thousand burnt offering, God asked him to request whatever Solomon wanted, and He would do it for Him.

You may ask yourself, are burnt offerings the only thing that appeals to God?
We find the answer to this question in the book of 2 Chron 20:19-26.

When the children of Isreal began to praise God, He fought their battles and gave them victory.
Offering God a sacrifice of praise is more pleasing to Him than any burnt offering.

Action Point
Cultivate the habit of praising God 

Have a blessed week

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