Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012-12-26 Day 1

· Praise and worship

·         Prayer of Thanksgiving

·         You are welcome into God's Presence

Prayer points

1.      Lord every iniquity in my life, I repent of it

2.      I declare in the name of Jesus sin will not have dominion over me

3.      I plead the blood of Jesus in my Life

4.      Lord help me to walk in Love

5.      Lord every sin misleading us from your will, please God forgive

6.      God draw me closer

7.      Lord I receive strength to pray and break through

8.      Every distraction, be far away from me

9.      Offering


·         Please invite your friends and family for prayers

Prayer items during the fast period

1.      Lord let your perfect will be done in my Life

2.      God's will be done in my life

3.      Divine protection

4.      Prayer against stagnation

5.      Lord let me be filled with your Holy Spirit

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