Friday, December 28, 2012

P & F, 28 December

Order of Service.

  • Praise and Worship
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Today’s Prayer Point
  • Divine Protection
  • The word
  • Divine Protection
  • How to get God's divine protection
  • Abstain from Sin

Prayer points after sermon

  • Prayer for forgiveness
  • Lord Have Mercy
  • Lord Help me to dwell with you
  • Holy Spirit be my Guide and Teacher
  • Satisfy me with long life
  • Oh Lord every arrow that the enemy sends against me, Father, send it back to sender in Jesus Name.
  • Oh Lord, I refuse to labour for another man to inherit.
  • Oh Lord, I reject pain and sufferings
  • Deliver me from the hand of the wicked one
  • Lord Go before me
  • In the trials of this world, God be with me
  • Lord Cover me

The Grace

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