Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled - Sunday 9th December 2012 

Teacher:- Pastor Paul Orimolusi
Main Text:- John 14:1

'Let not your heart be troubled' are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many things in the world today, that can trouble our hearts. But Jesus, being an Omniscience God knew that things will happen to trouble our heart. Yet Jesus Christ encouraged us that we should let not our hears be troubled. 

Why does God allow bad things to happen, when He is a good God and when His mercies endures forever

1. God may allow trouble in our lives to draw us closer to Him. When things are going smoothly for us we tend to forget God. We may not draw closer to God when things are rosy. When things are rosy with us, pride may take over and we may feel like we don't need God. The Lord may allow trouble in our lives to draw our attention to Him and make us to love Him better. Luke 12:13-21

2. God may allow trouble in our lives when our ways are not okay with Him in order to chastise us. Heb 12:6

3. God may allow trouble in our lives to lift us up and show forth His glory. You can't be promoted from one class to another before first writing an exam. John 9:1-3

4. God may allow trouble in our lives so that you can use your testimony to encourage others.

5. God may allow trouble in our lives to remind/caution us that this world is NOT our home. Our focus should be on our home in HEAVEN. For example, death is no respecter of anointing. Even highly anointed men of God will eventually die. Be heavenly minded! Don't envy people of the world. 

Practical Steps To Take:-

1. THINK WELL and LIVE WELL. Isaiah 51:11, Rev 21:4.

2. PLAN YOUR LIFE. Do not give yourself, everything your eyes desire. Plan very well. Those that FAIL to PLAN, PLAN to FAIL. Be prudent in the way you spend. 

3. Don't compare yourself with others. 2 Cor 10:12. The opinion of people does not matter!

4. BE HOLY! Please God, and He will take over your challenges and you will rejoice in His presence.


Lord in this river of challenges, lack, evil, they will not swallow me in Jesus name. Lord I need your help, keep me holy, faithful and righteous. Lord You are my Helper, I need you! Let me never beg for bread from the hand of my enemy. Lord I will never be subjected to the will of my enemies in Jesus name. AMEN!

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